So you hunt too?

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Percy POV:

"Tartarus," Percy whispered. "Dude I'm sorry. Didn't mean to drag up bad memories, I know how a place like that can linger on in a persons mind. Just know, Mano y mano, that you can talk to me about anything." Percy said, eyes glinting with promise and mouth quivering with things left unsaid. The shorter guy, Dean, looked at him knowingly, but the hunching in the shoulders and the tightening of the jaw told another story.

"Don't sweat it, kid," Dean said putting up a tough guy facade, with the Castiel and Sam looking at him concerned. This concerned Percy, did he look that desolate when he tried to reassure his friends that his nightmare wasn't that bad. While the former reached for his hand the latter just sighed as if it was a common occurrence. It was a good thing, thought Percy, the amount of support that Dean had around him at all time. He wished he still had this, but Annabeth was gone, and Percy didn't think he was worthy of the friends he made at Camp.

"I remember you actually, thank you for what you and your girl did, by the way, I don't think I could have survived if it weren't for you. My condolences yesterday was her funeral wasn't it."Dean asked, suddenly wishing he hadn't Percy's eyes started to glint in the yellow of the street lamp. Even though he was proud, at getting out, at managing to save another wayward soul, Percy just nodded in a defeated way. A bittersweet smile played on his face at the memory, he wanted so much for it to be real for her to be here, right now, to see him, to laugh at him, to call him a seaweed brain. With all these thoughts swirling in his head what was left of a good mood vanished, and after a moment he dropped his memories and everyone could see the mask being dropped on Percy's face. 

Sam seemed to realize before Dean what this meant, the hardening of the eyes, the tightening of the jaw, and the lowering of the eyebrows. These were very big red flags to Sam saying, stop talking about this. Even though he was very curious and wanted to know more, this was the most that Dean had talked about his experiences, but Sam did not want to push Percy away so that he could have a heart to heart with Dean. It was obvious that Percy had gone through a lot as well and that it was Sam's duty to help them both get through.

But for now, it was Sam's duty to stop Percy punching Dean because of him asking too many questions. But despite the heated and pointed glare that Same gave Dean. Who utterly ignored the look, Sam decided that he needed to intervene. 

"So what got her, she seemed feisty enough to survive the toughest monster," Dean said, trying to get any response out of Percy anger or even a smile- even if the joke was a bit of a bad taste. His face was blank, wiped clean by whatever memory was playing in his head. Percy just fell into stare remembering all the times Annabeth judo flipped him. Yeah, he thought, she was feisty. Sam felt that this was an appropriate time to quickly shake his head at Dean pleading him not to go on. Not to push him further. 

Sam felt the need to cut the rising tension, Percy was still, not moving, this was the first time in a while that Percy had no movement. No spinning his pen, no tapping his fingers, neither with his feet. The lack of movement created a void that the Winchesters had no idea to fill. But Sam felt the need to say, on the back of Dean's latest statement;

"If it was a monster, trust us revenge would make her come back and won't make the pain go away, the void that the anger-filled will come back, and it will come back worse," Sam said Percy looked at him hard, the edges of his pupil seemed to dilute slightly as if the anger awoke some ancient part of his body. The look couldn't be described as angry, no it was something different, a message to who it was to, to say back off. But the look completely softened when he looked in Sam's eyes, he did not want to pick a fight. He didn't want to push away people who were trying, and when he saw Dean's look of pity out of the corner of his eyes his pain and sadness swelled before Percy let it drain away into the back of his mind. Creating an ocean of thought that could be thought about later, that he could drift into and forget what if happening. 

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