So your Satan, I expected you to be Red.

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Percy POV:

How long have I been in this room, an eternity. Well like 20 minutes. I am so bored. The door is locked with God magic and I'm here key less and wondering why Mercury got so huffy. I mean its not like I killed Ganesha the douchea. I may have offended him slightly and flooded his suit and way of life, possibly. That may not seem like such a great deal but to gods the insult is grave.

I mean imagine something you consider lesser than the dirt in your the track of your trainer, looking into your eyes and talking back. The dirt, with its tiny insignificant life caused, without impunity, a misfortune to befall you. Or your stuff. You would be questioned, how have you let something so small and young and trivial insult you.

And yes I know that this specific piece of dirt is related to another behemoth like you and is (arguably) more powerful. But that doesn't matter because in your rage you would take a stick and dig it out like an infection or dead flesh. You would throw the stick as far as you can and try not to think about it again.

I mean it wasn't even a big deal I could have called him things worse than old. I could have said that his Pantheon sucks and is not relevant in today's society, but that would be wrong because everything that anyone believes in is necessary. And plus my pantheon would be considered not relevant in today's society. 

"I am so fecking bored that I could gouge my eyes out." I exclaim while flopping down onto my bed with my practice ice Pegasus and unicorns and horses prancing around me and attacking the door.  However ice does not beat godly magic, so my trump card would have 100 bored. I hope that Mercury feels my uncomfortable energy and gets uncomfortable himself. And I hope he realizes that all this alone time is not good for my mental health  as my girlfriend and confirmed soul mate (thanks Aphrodite kisses) died. What a douche maybe I should get really drunk and trash the room.

That idea sparked my body to life as I am laying in my bed in eternal bored out of my shoes I merge all my lil creations together as a large ride able horse and get on it and command it to walk towards what could potentially be a fridge. 

I lean down, all ready regretting my decision as that was actually a very fecking tall horse a hunter to be precise, as I command the horse water to wrap around me to shield my fall. I mean I should have expected to fall through the water and bruise my ribs but idiotic me thought while I was falling that awful way down that I would be quick enough to freeze it but no. 

But on another note as fortunately the water healed me immediately so that as well as that fully stocked fridge of wine and, IDk is that whisky. I think the magic mistook me for Dean. I know that he drinks I mean that man is basically 100% alcohol. 

Anyway after pouring a beer down the sink for libations to Dionysus and a quick prayer so I don't have to get my stomach pumped I drank enough to make any father proud and completely smashed the room.  Who said that you shouldn't mix, it was what made me drunk fast, fast enough so I could forget my life, sins and worries. What I didn't know is that before the night was over i was going to have a visitor, one that my brothers should have worn me about.

Sally's POV:

The seals were open and I sent away my boy. The devil was going after his family and I sent him running towards him. I had sent Paul and Estelle away in preparation, as in every supernatural circle, news travels fast. The news that the nephilim Sally Jackson's, the daughter of Balthazar and a librarian that he slept with to get some random artifact, adoptive son was actually a Winchester by familiar ties. Well every demon, angel and person with a grudge would want a nice chat with me. 

Well that was what I was expecting. I mean yes several demons did try and "talk" to me but they were rather pathetic and I easily dealt with them. Especially since they noticed Estelle's crib and started to threaten her and Paul. That is the Fecking line. 

No what I wasn't expecting was the god damned devil to walk in and ask rather nicely, considering I was family, wearing nick from a few doors down face. He asked one thing, where was my son. 

"Well not really your son was he though, but I have hear about a lovely little bundle, Estelle that is your daughter and I happen to know where she is and will get my demons to kill her and Paul." All this was said with a kindness that didn't match the words and the underlying threat that he was giving.

My heart was beating and my throat was closing as I kept on glancing on the single picture of the whole family, with Percy holding Estelle like in the lion King with paul and me giggling in the background. Annabeth took it I think. He noticed my stare and picked up the picture to admire it and claimed,

"how handsome Percy is, looks just like his father. That wildness in them both make them remarkably beautiful." He sighed at my prolonged silence and went on fixing his stare that was gradually getting more impatient as time went on, "I don't to hurt him, Its just that his power is alluring and if I didn't have him the Greek world would rise up against me and Michel. He is a guarntee. So-" he said changing his tone of voice and he rallied up his power, walking towards me.

"- tell me where he is before I have your whole family killed before you starting with the baby and finishing with Perseus when I get my hands on him. I know the perfect person who would be willing, I think you know, he was named after one of my brothers." His hand gripping my chin and forceing me to look into his eyes.

He was bat shit crazy he let Gabe out of hell. 

"He went with his brothers, I think they went to Indiana but I can't be sure." I said quietly hoping that Percy would forgive me. 

"Thank you" he said in my ear as the noise of baby crying filled my ear and the whooshing of angel wings meant his departure. I fell to my knees and cried as Paul and Estelle ran in wondering where they were.

I hope that Percy is good enough to stop the devil because I've good as damned him myself. 

LOL sorry for so long idk my life is a mess at the moment Im talking 4 Alevels and i want to pull my heart out, but oh well i get to write this when i have like 3 essays to wrtite :)

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