Alright hell-boy

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Dean POV

After about 20 mins of bickering from the Gods, with constant confused and worried looks from me and Sam. Kali with a look of superiority finally deigned to talk to us.

"So you two balls of flannel really don't know about Perseus Jackson. The almighty saver." She said wickedly her eyes flickering with some sort of inner light.

"But what exactly did he save, a kingdom of pretentious-"

"He saved the whole damn planet, and you know it you just don't want to admit that your in debt, and as a matter of fact none of you want to see, your all have your lives because of him and you don't want to admit it." Mercury seethed, his form flickering between the desk manager uniform and a man in a business suit with a stick. Which when I looked closer had writhing snakes on it.

"Why do you hate Percy so much?" Sammy asked, always the one to try to diffuse tension. "what did he ever do to you?" 

Several Gods laughed, not a haha funny joke laugh. It was like when a snake is slowly making its way up my spine making everything it slithers up go taught and everything it's long tongue slathers over sends bolts of adrenaline everywhere. Its hiss was a call to some distant prey and predator instinct that made me, and by the looks of Sammy, remember that these human looking creature were just that; creatures made flesh. They were not merciful and only worshiping them would make them consider not killing me. 

Kali's eyes when I dared to look in them after about 3 minutes later were slitted like a cat, reminding me again of the creature underneath her skin, wanting to break out and do thing like suck the marrow out of my bones. It reminded me of the poor people in the freezer probably destined to die in a similar way. 

"Well boys I think we need a little lesson about your dear little Brother, don't we." She asked sitting at the end of the table perfectly still, as if she were a spider luring her into one of her webs.  

"And Hermes." she said sweetly, turning in her chair to face the business man (ex-desk manager) "please feel free at any opportunity to interject, i'm sure the boys would love to have your input." She said just as sweetly but we all felt the scorpion sting wave threateningly.  

Sam P.O.V

This made sense.

Not in the maths or science sense or even good vs evil sense. No this made sense in the mythological sense. Which means it made no sense at all. 

We were lead to believe that he had no knowledge about the supernatural world, but now we are dropped into the knowledge that he is a pivotal player in the world. And also saving it. We are going to have to talk to him about and see how skilled he is. See if the gods are over playing his powers and prowess. 

Looking at Deans face lead me to believe that he had the same thought, probably see if the kid is powerful enough to dodge a bullet or block a knife to the ribs for lying. 

"So he is the son of one of the more powerful gods and you hate him." Dean summerised. "Why do you hate Poseidon?" I followed before Dean could follow that with something that could get us killed.

Hermes the snake caduceus weilding god, who had two live snakes who introdused themselves as George and Martha and then asked if we had any mice -they were shut up pretty quicky by being threatened to be turned into a phone. He was different, slightly, to the desk manager not very obviously but in a few ways, his beard was now slightly longer and now slightly less trimmed and he was less harsh and less, well Roman. 

He started to laugh low in his throat and smiled at us when he was just about to speak. But was interupted by the door slamming open, and a smug smile waltzed in claming,

"Who does Kali like? I mean she hates everyone." All the gods were starting as if caught off guard by his comment. But Gabriel just walked them off his golden smile never wavering.

"I heard you had a few special guests and wanted to intrude. So where if the famed Percy Jackson. I heard he was quite stunning, and none of you fuddy duddies live up to that Olympic beauty standards. Except you of course Hermes." Gabriel reached over the table and clasped hands with a smiling Hermes.

"Loki," Kali began, I was slightly confused that was Gabriel, "you shouldn't be here. We didn't invite you for a reason."

"Yes we have to talk about why I came but before we do we have to get rid of some bumbering mortals," he turned to us at the room faded, "you two wouldn't mine waiting for the decisions about your lives would you? Good no perfect off you pop."

And we did his Angle travel pulled us to our room with a loud pop noise. 

"Boys I have some good and bad news, what do you want first." Gabriel said stepping through the door. 

"Bad," me and Dean said at the same time giving each other a nod of confirmation. 

"Well Lucifer is nearly hear." He claimed, "drawn to the underling Godly power that the others didn't factor in, when Percy arrived. Due to the Greek, and by extenstion the Roman, pantheon being from the same God as angels, they call him Chaos and I call his a dad." 

Dean looked concerned but bore it out and grunted out about the "damnded good news already."

Gabriel laughed and said with a cheeky smile, "I have casa Erotica with me." and dissapered without a trace. 

Im sorry this took so long to upload my computer charger broke and i had lost charge and i cant write on my phone so so sorry.

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