Part 9

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Mark tapped his finger against the table of the table in Hoshi's cafe, the owner sitting on the counter and scrolling through his phone.

"If I keep closing all day for you guys, I'm going to lose too much business," Hoshi groaned, setting the phone to the side and looking at Mark with a bored expression, "You're gonna have to pay my rent."

"Oh hush," Mark replied, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at the shorter boy, "We're your main customers, we basically pay your rent for you already."

Hoshi pouted and picked his phone up as he tucked his legs into a criss-cross on the counter, the elder sitting at his regular table and returning to nervously tapping his fingers against the tabletop.

They sat in silence for several minutes and Mark was considering calling everyone to see if they were all okay. He knew that Jinyoung and Jackson would be taking a huge risk being outside Jinyoung's apartment so Bambam had driven over to get them. He was worrying that something had gone wrong.

The bells above the door jingled and both Mark and Hoshi looked up to see Yugyeom, Youngjae, and Jaebum walking through the door. The leader smiled at Mark and nodded at Hoshi, dragging chairs over as the two youngers closed the blinds to the cafe.

"Sorry that we took so long but we ran into Bambam at the intersection of Palm and American and he was being followed," Jaebum explained, "It took us a while to lose them."

Youngjae nodded and asked, "Can I make a sandwich?"

Hoshi shrugged and the youngest said, "Hoshi-ssi, Bambam hyung is parked out back. Is the door locked?"

The owner shrugged again and then left his perch on the counter as Youngjae started to create his sandwich, going to the back of his cafe.

Yugyeom sat next to Mark and Hoshi returned as Youngjae finished making two sandwiches and carried them over to sit next to Jaebum. Jackson and Jinyoung were wearing bright clothing that neither of them would usually be caught dead it.

That's what made it so perfect a disguise, no one would be looking for two neon-colored tourists in the heart of Seoul. Go after the wrong person and you'll have the American embassy crawling all the way into your past.

"Hey guys, how are you doing?" Mark asked, looking at them with concern. He'd only come up with this plan a day ago when Jaebum called him and right now, he felt like the couple was working off of borrowed time.

Jinyoung pulled off his sunglasses, revealing dark circles under his eyes, Jackson revealing that he was just as exhausted as Jinyoung. The two looked like they hadn't slept in days.

"You guys look like hell," Youngjae commented through a mouth full of food. The couple shot Youngjae a glare and sat down in two chairs that Jaebum had brought over at the head of the table.

Hoshi had resumed his perch on the counter and popped headphones in, turning the music he was listening to up so loud that the group could hear Zico rapping from ten feet away.

"So before anyone says anything," Mark said, looking around the table at the boys that were younger than him, "Let's clear the air with any tensions between us we might have."

Youngjae swallowed quickly and downed a glass of water in seconds flat before putting an arm on the table and looking at everyone. He kept a straight face for two minutes before he sighed and said, "Bambam, I ate your cookies."


"If you yell like that again," Hoshi spoke up, looking up from his phone, "To the point where I can hear you over my music, I will stuff you in Youngjae's next sandwich."

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