Part 7

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Jackson carefully walked up to Jinyoung's apartment. He had been visiting him every single day since he got out of the hospital just to make sure that he was eating and taking care of himself. He truly was trying a lot harder for him.

Everything that he had argued before became irrational and Jackson was debating with himself whether he should apologize to his father or not. He had already apologized to Mark for yelling at him before already.

He knocked on the door and sighed, his head stuck in the hell of his thoughts as the chilly wind graced his skin.

His father was a douche. God, he knew his father was a douche but he would do anything he possibly could to get his attention before.

But what would be the point in asking forgiveness if that was truly how his father felt? He never denied that he didn't think of disowning Jackson.


The softest voice dragged his eyes to attention and the sight of his beloved Jinyoung standing there made the hell go away and the positive smile and attitude return. It was like someone flipped a switch, all the negative thoughts were left outside the house and it was just Jinyoung and Jackson.

They ate happily and were sitting in the living room, watching a variety show with Jinyoung's head in Jackson's lap, when Jinyoung decided to mention something.

"Your father wants to talk to me," he whispered.

He didn't want to upset Jackson again but as a precaution, he had put both locks on the front door. He knew that Jackson would get out but it would slow him down just enough.

Jackson went stiff and he took in a deep breath, his hand going to Jinyoung's. He promised himself that he wouldn't leave Jinyoung, not like that again. His eyes looked down at Jinyoung and he smiled for a moment.

"That's okay," he whispered, "I don't mind if you talk to him. I'm not a Wang in his eyes anymore and I don't want to be."

Jinyoung shifted and reached up, putting his hand on Jackson's shoulder so he could pull himself up. He sat next to Jackson's legs and felt his heart scream in happiness after the blonde boy had snaked his arms around Jinyoung's waist and pulled him onto his lap.

Jackson nuzzled his head into Jinyoung's neck, whispering, "I don't care if I'm the Prince of Denmark."

Jinyoung's heartbeat started to make his voice stutter and he suddenly got extremely nervous. Sure, his best friend had been physical before but this was different. This was so much more different.

His breathing sharpened and he became hypersensitive to his environment. He didn't know what to do with his hands, the one on Jackson's shoulder feeling only like it should go higher.

"I care about you, Jinyoung," he whispered, his fingertips pressing into Jinyoung's skin and leaving accidental bruises behind that Jinyoung wouldn't regret in his lifetime. "I care about you much more than anything in the world."

His heart leaped into the sky and stayed there, shining with a brighter light than any star in the galaxies. He could feel purpose rise in him, in his throat, and it raised his senses to a level of impossible pleasure.

Finally, he knew what to do. His hand moved from an awkward position of being trapped between Jackson and his own chest and curled under Jackson's arm, grabbing his other shoulder while he moved one leg to the other side of his legs to straddle the boy. His hand curved along Jackson's shoulder and across his neck, lacing through the blonde locks that made Jackson's mouth open in a hollow gasp.

"I love you," Jinyoung breathed out, Jackson's grip getting tighter.

Jackson pulled Jinyoung closer into his chest and he placed a small kiss on Jinyoung's bare nape, pleased with the shudder that it caused the dark haired boy to have. He dragged his nose along the bare skin of his neck and up to his ear.

"I always did," he mumbled, Jinyoung biting his lip and looking at the ceiling with cloudy eyes. He couldn't help it, he'd been suppressing his feelings for Jackson since they were eight, this was a dream come true.

"Stay here," he breathed, "Stay with me, here."

Jackson took in a breath and smiled, about to reply when a shrill ringtone pierced the air. He growled in annoyance and Jinyoung picked up his phone, glancing briefly at the screen before sliding decline and then throwing it into the kitchen feet away.

"Fuck your father," he growled, pulling back and pressing his lips onto Jackson's.

The boy's eyes widened for a moment before the mixed pleasure of Jinyoung's lips on his own and his slender fingers caressing his hair caused him to lose himself.

"You said that Jinyoung would answer!"

The father slammed the phone down and looked at Jaebum as his arms were crossed in front of his chest.

"Wrong," the boy deadpanned, "I said specifically that I would give you Jackson and Jinyoung's new numbers. I never said that they would answer. Truthfully, I wouldn't answer if I saw your sorry ass calling me."

"Watch your mouth, Im Jaebum!" the man barked, "Don't forget, your father is only alive because of me."

Jaebum sneered at the older man and replied, "Don't I know it? My father is recovering so you can't use that against me forever."

Jaebum and the CEO glared at each other for a good two minutes before Jaebum turned and left the room, not wishing to be around that repulsive man any longer than he had to be.

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