Part 6

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Jinyoung wasn't hurt, however, he was in a self-induced coma that kept him asleep for as many days as he was searching for Jackson. In that time, Eric had pried the key away from Jackson's sleeping hands when he was lying on the couch next to Jinyoung's bed, Jaebum and Mark had to force Jackson to eat and Jackson's dad had tried a few times to get into the hospital room.

Youngjae and Yugyeom had finally gotten sick (along with Bambam) of chasing him off and told the receptionist to not tell his father where they had transferred Jinyoung and Jackson to. The receptionist, a wonderful woman with long black hair, had respectfully told him to get the hell out before she called security.

Jackson curled into the pillow he was holding, starting to think of how he would react. The moment that Jinyoung would wake up, he swore that he would go after his father with a mob of flaming torches.

But the damage had been done to Jinyoung already. He was in the hospital, he had starved and physically drained himself looking everywhere to the point where he passed out the second that he finished explaining.

The guilt that was building on Jackson's shoulders wasn't getting any better and he felt like throwing up, that was how disgusted at himself he had been.

A soft groan from the bed caught his attention and Jackson looked up, seeing Jinyoung moving his arms up to rub his eyes. He didn't look nearly as pale as he did before but he was still quite skinny.

Not to worry, Jackson would take care of that soon.

Speaking of the blonde boy, he threw the pillow to the side and called the nurses at the moment that he was at Jinyoung's side.

"Jinyoungie? How are you feeling?" he asked with a soft voice, gripping the handrails of the bed.

Jinyoung looked up at him with a smile and replied, "I'm alright. How are you? Did you eat?"

Jackson let out a breath and nodded, the nurse walking in with the doctor after a moment.

"Yeah I ate," he smiled, his smile then faltering and Jackson's head falling to look at his shoes.

"Jinyoungie, I'm sorry," he said and the doctor and the nurse looked at each other with a small smile. They finished up quickly, Jinyoung thanking them with his eyes as he answered their questions and then left.

He turned to see Jackson rubbing his eyes and picking up his jacket and the pillow he had thrown to the ground.

"You plan on going somewhere?" Jinyoung asked, looking at him with his eyebrows screwed together.

Jackson opened his mouth to reply but then went silent and said nothing. He bowed his head and threw the jacket over his shoulder while he replaced the pillow back on the couch.

"I...I um..."

It was Jackson's turn to be speechless. Jinyoung loved and hated it at the same time, he forced himself into a sitting position to look Jackson in the eyes...

His worry-filled eyes.

"You think that you're somehow going to leave me here?" Jinyoung asked, "Are you really going to leave me like that?"

Jackson shook his head and replied, "I-uh...n-no. No."

He could feel his guilty heart yearning for him to go closer. He closed his eyes and walked forwards, obeying his feelings for the first time in years, and put his hand on top of Jinyoung's.

"I won't leave you unless you tell me to."

Jinyoung blushed and bit his tongue for a moment before saying, "I don't think so..."

Jackson then nodded and reached back with his foot, dragging one of the plastic, pastel chairs away from the wall and next to his bed. He sat down and made an attempt to move his hand from Jinyoung only for the darker-haired boy to turn his hand, hold onto it and look at the TV embarrassed.

The blonde boy bit his lip to hold back his excitement and turned on the TV for the two of them to watch the football game.

(I'm American but I'm going to pronounce soccer as football like the rest of the world. -Shade)

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