Part 2

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"Jackson, please don't be upset."

Mark had found Jackson first after he had left the college dejected. Jinyoung had been staying to talk to the teacher when Jackson made his escape the moment the bell rang.

He yeeted the hell put of that room, he hated it. How it reminded him of his failures.

The two were now on their way to meet up with their 4 other friends at the favorite cafe of the group, owned by their best friend, Hoshi.

"Why would I possibly be upset?" Jackson asked bitterly, "I mean, who would be upset at the fact their father doesn't want them?"

"You know that's not true."

"No, you know it is true! The only reason he even keeps me around anymore is that Jinyoung does me the great honor of staying my friend," Jackson spat out at Mark, hatred dripping from his last few words.

"You don't hate Jinyoung."

"I hate what he stands for."

"What does he stand for?"

"How much my father hates me."

"Does your father know you feel this way?"


Jackson looked at Mark with a confused mask on his face that transformed in purpose. No matter how Jinyoung made him feel, no matter if Jinyoung was the hottest and sexiest man Jackson had ever met, no matter that he holds the boy's heart,

Jinyoung was taking his spot, Jinyoung was abandoning friendship for a position, Jinyoung was the reason Jackson wanted to cry after every test.


Mark called after his friend ad he started to run to the street, backtracking to the Wang Corporation.

"Don't do anything stupid, okay?"

"When have I ever done something stupid?"

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