Part 1

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Jackson was a beast in the eyes of the school. Truly, he was someone that was to be admired...

From a distance.

He was the billionaire's son that every girl wanted to sink her teeth into. Rumors spread quickly when it came to Jackson and that made everyone that was around him, his friends, worry about the result.

His anger was something that everyone knew was there but was glossed over constantly. When someone saw Jackson, they would remark on how charismatic and sexy he was, never that he was constantly glaring at the world.

But he had an excuse. His father was not a nice person and he spared nothing when it came to Jackson. In the eyes of his father, Jackson was simply someone that was going to continue the Wang legacy.

In the eyes of his father, Jackson was an unfortunate relative that you tried to ignore at family gatherings.

Jinyoung was not new to this. After all, he's been Jackson's best friend and Jackson's father's trustee since they were in grade school.

Jinyoung always tried hard to make sure Jackson was happy but it was difficult.

Now they were in college, with Jackson studying business and Jinyoung sitting right next to him in every single class. It was hard for Jackson to think properly in those classes, he hated that the numbers blurred together on the blackboard and that the information came only in choppy sentences that he wished would occasionally make some sort of sense.

Jinyoung looked at the boy with a sigh, seeing that he was knocking his head on the desk as the quiz set in front of them showed numbers and graphs that made no sense to him.

He reached over and rubbed the blond boy's back, turning his head back to his test and bubbling in answers with one hand.

"We will go out for ice cream after this, yeah?" the black-haired boy whispered, looking at his best friend out of the corner of his eye.

Jackson turned his head and shot Jinyoung a smile that made the boy's heart skip a beat. Quickly, he retracted his hand and looked down at his test, flipping his pencil between his fingers to keep himself from blushing and making how nervous the blond boy made him.

The test was difficult and Jackson knew that he wasn't going to get a good mark on it. After all, he's been struggling all year, why would it possibly start making sense now? When he saw that he would've gotten a better grade if he hadn't shown up that day at all, his smile and his playfulness all but disappeared.

He didn't want to go get ice cream with Jinyoung anymore, no matter how fast the younger made his heartbeat slam like a drum against his ribs.

His father called him, disappointed with how the grade had come out and told Jackson that he shouldn't come to the company today. There was no way that he would be prepared to run the company by the time his father wanted to retire.

That's why he considered handing over the position of CEO to Jinyoung and leaving Jackson to mess around at home and not really do anything noteworthy.

Having Jackson fade into the myth of the Wang legacy was the best thing that his father believed could happen to him.

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