Part 8

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Jinyoung groaned as the same ringtone echoed through the apartment. He felt Jackson's arm against his bare chest and he turned his head, seeing the sleeping boy with his lips slightly swollen. He smiled and sat up, kissing Jackson's hand before grabbing a pair of sweatpants and a tank top and leaving.

He reeked of sex and he knew it but he had no real desire to go take a shower. He didn't have to leave the house since he quit his job with the Wang Corporation but that fact reminded him that he did have to go find a job to support himself and his lover.

His heart skipped a beat at the thought of Jackson being his lover and he couldn't help but smile wider.

He stretched and walked into the kitchen, rubbing one hand through his messy hair and picking up the phone that was lying in wait on the ground.

Yes, he had been the submissive last night but Jinyoung had been capable of swallowing pain before and even though this one was more pleasurable, it wasn't going to stop him from making breakfast (or at this point, lunch) for Jackson.

He looked and saw that when he threw it last night, he had severely cracked the screen and that Jaebum was calling him instead of that monster of a man. He cleared his throat and rubbed his eyes as he walked towards the fridge.

"Jaebum, what's up?"

"You need to listen very close."

The husky voice did not belong to Jaebum and Jinyoung's eyebrows furrowed together while his grip on the handle of the fridge became tighter. Hate started to creep into his veins and his grip on the phone was nearing dangerous.

"What the hell do you want?"

"You, Jinyoung," the CEO growled, looking across the room at Jaebum as he sat next to his recovering father, sending glares at the man, "I'm sick of Jackson's attitude and it's your turn to take the reins of the company."

"Over my dead body," Jinyoung hissed, slamming shut the fridge and looking around the kitchen with only anger in his eyes.

"Oh, that's funny," the CEO sneered, "I was thinking it would be over Jackson's."

Jinyoung could feel his blood run cold. He had just seen Jackson, he had just been in bed with him, for Christ's sake! There was no way that someone was in the apartment now, no, his Jackson was safe in his bed!

But still, the panic was setting in and Jinyoung broke out into a sprint, running from the kitchen back to the bedroom. He saw Jackson still sleeping peacefully on the bed, the sheets barely covering him as the window was open. Jinyoung could feel the hate-filled fearful tears burning the back of his eyes and his mouth came out much more thick with emotion than it had been before.

He remembered closing the window this morning, not even five minutes ago.

"You sick fuck," Jinyoung said, barely able to hold in a sob, "You absolute trash, how could you do this to Jackson? Your own son?"

"Jackson wasn't my son, nor will he ever be my son," the CEO replied, unlike Jinyoung, rather emotionlessly, "He is simply a means to an end and if that end is you running my company while Jackson is dead in a ditch somewhere, well then, won't that be just the most unfortunate accident?"


Jinyoung screamed and threw his phone to the ground, grabbing his baseball bat from next to the door and slammed it on top of the phone until the back broke and he could see the circuits inside. Angry tears were streaming down his face, blocking out the rest of the world to the point where he didn't even notice that Jackson had woken up when he had even just screamed first.

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