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Isabella's POV

- friday -

I was laying down on my bed and scribbling some shit into my notebook.

The last few days went totally normal. Like in school, I tried to avoid Ryan and it was actually easier than I thought it would be. Of course the first days he came up to me and tried to talk, but I always ran away or started speaking with a random person, so that he would just go away.

And it worked.

Maybe it was because he already suspected that I was avoiding him and he only waited for me to talk first.

But I don't know if that will ever happen again. I mean, I am avoiding him only for Tony and till now, Tony's brother could not find some evidence against Ryan's family.

Maybe they never will...

Anyways, my relationship with my brothers turned normal again. A few days ago when Dylan showed up at breakfast, it was like that the fight between him and Landon never happened or that I ‚betrayed' him. He turned normal again. Cocky and this shit.

But the only thing is, he didn't talk to me a lot these days. Maybe he couldn't forget that I betrayed him.

But then why would he act so normal again?

My guts told me that it has to do with Landon and the others.

Even Carter went back to his old himself. Well he didn't change though, but the two of them didn't fight again as Carter returned. They might avoided each other, but nothing more.

Should I be concerned?

Hmm nah.

Since I found out that Ryan's family run some illegal shit, I didn't hold a grudge against my brothers anymore. They only wanted to protect me from him, right?

So, no harm.

I wanted to ask my brothers about this topic, but I could not because then they would have known that Tony also knew from this and maybe...maybe they would also try to distance me from her. And I couldn't take this risk.

But there was still one topic.

One topic that didn't make any sense to me.

The chamber.

When I first found out about the chamber, I directly thought that my brothers were some killers and their strange behaviour would confirm it, but now I am not so sure anymore. Like Tony said, they could have an explanation for it.

I hope so...

I would really love to go straight to them and ask them about the chamber, but then I'd bring me only in more trouble. The would have known that I was in their office and this would have consequences.

Bad consequences.

I just don't know how I should go on with this topic. Like, what should I do about it now?

Should I just forget it?

Yeah, that would be the best option...

That would make everyth-

"Come down."
I was cut off my thoughts when Ethan stormed in.

I raised one eyebrow.

He rolled his eyes and waited for me to get up. Seemed like he wasn't in a good mood.

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