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Isabella's POV

"The hoe is back!"
Tony announced as she returned from the bathroom.

"Everything alright?"
She asked worriedly. I think she noticed my upsetting and shocked face.

I don't know why I was upset at that moment, but the phone call earlier with Caleb was so shocking that I just wanted to know why all of this is happening.

I knew something was wrong, but they just wouldn't tell me. I'm only the little sister...

"I don't know..."
I responded her. She seemed confused and this didn't surprise me. She had every right to be confused, I was confused myself.

I thought that it would be the best if I'd tell Tony about the suspicion that I had against my brothers. Maybe she could help me and give me some advice.

"I received a phone call from my brother a moment ago and...he wants me to stay the night at yours."

"Girl, if you're just concerned about me not letting you stay the night, then you don't have a reason to worry. Like I always say, I don't mind. Company is always the best!"
She reassured me as she said that.

A small smile was formed on my face. Tony was something precious, even if we just met today.

"That's actually not the main reason...but I'm really thankful that you're letting me stay the night!"

"Just tell me the real reason then."

"I know that we just met today and...I don't want to overwhelm you with things..."

"Just go on, dude."

I took a long breath.

"You brothers never allowed me to stay the night at a friend's. Literally, never! And now they are insisting for me to stay the night. This is really suspicious of them and...and not just this! The last few days they behaved really weird...and scary..."

"If I'm correct, you're suspicious of your brothers?"
She raised an eyebrow.


"Like they're some killers?"

"What the—no!"

My brothers wouldn't kill someone.


"It was only a thought."
Tony held up her hands in defense.

"It's just...there is something about them. Something scary. And I don't know what to do! I'm starting to get scared around my brothers..."

"Look, I admit that I don't know how you feel right now, because I never experienced such a situation, but believe me, I don't think that your brothers will ever harm you. Maybe they are hiding a dark secret...a dirty secret, but never forget that you're brother and sister."

Her words sounded really reassuring, but I just couldn't trust them.

My brothers did hurt me once.

And maybe they wouldn't care that we are brother and sister.

"I don't think so Tony..."

She seemed confused, but then her expression changed to her usual one.

The tough one.

"Alright, you're suspicious of your brothers? Then let's give them a visit and find out what they're doing!"

I was taken aback.

"No! Oh my god no!"
I exclaimed.

"Why not?"

"If my brothers would find out...they...they..."

"They what? They aren't going to kill you Rodriguez!"

"Maybe not, but I would surely get punished or something like that."

"I think you watched too many movies, little girl."

"I'm serious Tony. This is only a risky move."
I desperately said, but this didn't stop Tony from trying to convince me more.

"Let's give it a try. We won't be caught. We'll just find out what they're doing, okay?"

Her question was like a life decision. I was never so lost in my life for an answer.

Should I spy on my brothers or not?

There would be a chance of finding the truth about my brothers, but also a risk about getting caught.

In the end I made a decision.


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