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a/n: guys sry, I made a mistake in Part 1. Instead of the twins being identical, I wrote that they're fraternal twins. The twins are identical! I'm sry again for this mistake :(, but I thought that ‚fraternal twins'means 'identical twins'.

Well this was awkward.

"What are you doing here?"
Tony asked.

"Uhm,'s quite a funny story."
I awkwardly laughed.

Tony just raised one of her eyebrows and waited for me to explain everything. I had to make it quick because I didn't want to be that late.

"I am doing an essay together with Ryan. Well he is only helping me, but anyways my brothers aren't a fan of him, so I told them that I am doing this essay with you. And now I am here."

Tony looked like she was taken aback for a second, but then she seemed fine.

"So, you used me like a backup?"

"Something like that..."
I scratched my neck.

"Look, I'm really sorry that I used you like this, but I didn't have another option. I don't really have any friends..."
I looked down while explaining everything to her.

"I don't mind. It's really cool what you did. I admire you Rodriguez."
Tony smiled at me.

Her statement shocked me at first. I thought that she would be angry with me and that she doesn't want anything to do with me.

At this moment, I knew that Tony was different from the others and this made me happy.

Maybe I found a real friend.

"But I still need your help though..."

"I'm listening."
Tony said and looked extremely concentrated.

"I am already late for the meeting with Ryan and I just want to ask you you have an idea how to escort me there?"

"Why don't you go by bus?"
Tony asked.

"I don't know how to."
This was really embarrassing for me. Tony also tried to hold back in her laughter.

"Ahem, well I guess I can escort you."

"But there is another problem again. My brother will pick me up at your house. How should I solve this problem now?"
I asked desperately.

"I'll show you how to go by bus and the way back to my home will be then easier for you."

"But it'll be dark."
I complained.

"Don't be such a child. But if you're too afraid, then ask this guy's parents to drive you."

I still felt unsure about all of this but it was my only option.

"Well then, come on! Hopefully we'll catch the next bus."
Tony said and sprinted downstairs with me following her.
{at the bus stop}

" fast!"
I said to Tony while I tried to catch my breath. She just laughed at me and I also started laughing.

After a second she stopped laughing and turned to face me. She looked extremely serious.

"Which Ryan again?"

I didn't exactly know what she meant by that.

"Do you know his surname?"

I was getting irritated.

Why is she asking me these questions?

"But he's in our grade if you want to know."
I answered her in hope that she would stop asking me things.

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