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Landon's POV

I was sitting in the car surrounded by police officers with handcuffs around my wrists.
I was on my way to the police station, surprisingly pretty calm.

Of course I didn't expect this to happen, but it didn't even surprise me.

I already knew how this accusation happened.

More like, the person who caused this accusation.
At the police station

Once I got out of the car, I remembered that Luke and Caleb accompanied me. It would have been better if they stayed at home with the others since I can't really trust Carter to take the responsibility for now.

Now they also got to explain everything to Isabella and I don't think that they can handle it. Something is going to happen.

I already knew it.

The two police officers brought me into a room where I found out why they accused me.
(a/n: had to skip details since I don't know how it works in a police station)

"Landon Rodriguez, I expected you're already aware why you are here, am I right?"
A higher rank police officer asked me.

"Yes, but can I know why I am getting accused of murdering my own parents? All I know is that my parents died in a car aacident. They weren't killed."

Sadly I had to put on an act.

"Mr. Rodriguez, yesterday a man came to the police station and confessed that he was the one who has killed your parents."

Hm things are getting interesting...

I wasn't shocked but I had to pretend that I was and so I gasped lightly.

"Please explain furthermore."

The police officer sighed and went on.

"Apparently he killed your parents and made it look like they died in a car accident."

"And what does it have to do with me?"
I asked while clenching my fists.

"You see, as we asked the reason why the man did so, he explained that he got ordered to kill them."

"Ordered? By who?"
I yelled just to let it seem real.

"Calm down Mr. Rodriguez. Apparently he told us that you were the one to order him to kill your parents."

I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Why would I let my own parents get killed? Even at such a young age?"

"It seems like you're not aware of what the 16 years old are capable of doing these days, Mr.Rodriguez."

I rolled my eyes.

I am fucking aware of it...

"So now tell me, what was the reason to kill
your parents?"
The officer asked.

"Huh, you really going to believe what a stranger told you?"
I chuckled.

The officer looked pretty serious.

"And you really think we are going to let something like that slide?"

"Alright, the man lied. I didn't order this man nor did I kill my parents."
I exclaimed.

"The man is already arrested for killing your parents and now we're trying to find the main person of everything."

"Then go and find him. You're only wasting your time with questioning me when the real one is outside and maybe killing more people."

The officer clenched his jaw.

"We don't have any proofs that you killed them. You can go now."
The officer said after a while.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Then why did I get handcuffed and was brought here?"

"Since the man accused you, we had to question you. That's what we have to do."

"Without having any proofs hm? I can't stand this bullshit anymore. You just wasted my time."

I got up and was ready to leave the room, but I still had something to say.

"And now try to find the real culprit."

As I got out of the room, I was greeted by my brothers who waited for

"Did they let you go?"
Luke asked.

I nodded.

"What the hell even happened?"
Caleb was asking.

I sighed and turned around to face him.

"Smith. Is there more to tell?"

Caleb directly understood and was quiet.

"Don't worry I am going to explain everything, but we need to head back to the others. I don't have a good feeling about letting them alone with Isabella..."

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