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After football practice ended, we headed to the car. I was still thinking about the whole Montogomery thing.

I was sure that my brothers were the cause of him being injured. Their smirks were just too suspicious.

{in the car}

"Grayson, don't lean on me! You're sweaty and that's gross!"
I hissed at him. He leaned his head on my shoulder, but then straightened himself when I complained.

"Yeah, yeah..."
He sounded really tired.

After that, nobody spoke a word and I thought this was a great time to ask them about the Montogomery thing.

"Listen you bastards! I know that you were the one who hurt this Montogomery guy, am I right? You heartless mons-
Eh, maybe not...

I imagined in my mind how I could start this conversation, but what I imagined was not a bit appropriate.

My brothers would be pissed if I speak so disrespectful with them. I still need them for a favour later...

I decided to go on smoothly and beat around the bush.

"So, uhm..."

Dylan looked at me through the mirror (a/n: how are these mirrors in the cars called again?)
and it seemed like the others had their attention on me too.

"Do you believe that this Montogomery guy fell down the stairs?"

"Why you asking?"
Ethan asked me while looking at me then over to Dylan.

"The trainer didn't seem to believe it and me neither..."

"How would you know."
Dylan snapped at me.

Usually I would throw a sassy statement at him, but I had to do this smoothly without any insults or something like that.

"I was just curious."

"Curiosity kills the cat. Don't think about these things Isabella. This has nothing to do with you."
Dylan claimed.

I have to admit that I was angry at his remark and that's when I decided to let things not go smoothly anymore.

"I'm just getting straight to the point. Did you do it? Did you hurt him? I saw your smirks that you exchanged. I even heard what you said Dylan!"

I saw Dylan tightening his grip on the wheel.

"You're accusing your own brothers?"
Ethan asked. He looked hurt, but I knew that he just played it.

Or not?

"Yes I am! Carter, where were you at lunch? You had a lot of time to 'play' with the Montogomery guy."

"Stop it Isabella."
Dylan warned me.


"I hooked up with a girl."
Carter cut me off and his answer made me startled.


" know I am just gonna let it slide."
I didn't want to deal with this conversation anymore.

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