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Isabella's POV

"What do you mean they got into a fight?"
I asked with panic filled my voice.

Dylan had to be really angry because of me and Landon and so, I was afraid that he and Carter got into a very big fight. These two are unstoppable when it comes to this topic.

Caleb sighed.

"The two of them were in a very bad mood. You know the reason for Dylan and well...Carter is always in a bad mood."

I nodded in understatement.

"It's actually nothing serious, only a...siblings fight. So no need to worry."
He smiled at me only to persuade me that everything's going right.

I could tell that Caleb was very stressed because of this situation. He's basically the responsible one and these things always wouldn't fit with him.

Yes, he is one member of the trio that is responsible for everything that happens in our family, but he can't handle it on his own. I knew this.

"Alright. I guess I should just avoid them for now?"
I asked.

"Especially Dylan. Till the situation gets normal again."

If it gets normal again...

I was sitting in my room and reading a book. Actually, I didn't feel like reading a book. Heck I didn't even know the main topic about this book.

I only had to get something to distract myself. I was afraid of going out of my room, cause the possibility of coming face to face with Dylan and Carter was too big. The last one hour, I was   sitting in my room and heard some cursing coming out of their room.

It has to be an angry Dylan because Carter already left after the fight, according to Caleb.

To his friends...

"Isabella get your ass down, dinner is ready!"
I heard Ethan calling out for me.

I hesitated to go down and eat with them. It meant that I had to face Dylan since he would also be there.

Uff I don't want to...

*grr* *grr*

But I am hungry though...

I sat at the table with the twins across from me. Caleb was giving out our plates with food.

I nervously played with my fingers.

Is he going to come?
Should I better leave now?
The opportunity is great right now...


I looked up and saw Caleb staring intensely into my eyes.

"He isn't going to come. Relax."
He told me and I never felt so relived in my life again.

Still, I have him a questioning look.

"He also went out."
Grayson answered me.

It seemed like he and Ethan were also concerned and stresses about this situation. Now we had three brothers in this house who are extremely angry at each other.

One is also angry at me.

After dinner I sat together with the twins in the living room. We were watching a movie and well, Ethan had the great opportunity to select a horror movie.

I don't know why I stayed even though I hated horror movies, but the company with my brothers felt way more better than just to lay in my bed completely alone and doing nothing.

Caleb went...uhm where did he went again?.
I remember seeing him in the house and then he disappeared. But I guessed that he would be just in their office downstairs.

Maybe it has to do with Landon and Luke?

The two of them still didn't show up and neither did Dylan and Carter.

Carter will mostly return back tomorrow like always and Dylan...he would return when he feels like it. He was probably at his friends' house or something.

Or with Scarlett?
Ugh I think I have to vomit...

Landon and Luke had to return as soon as possible. Since they're the responsible ones and Caleb couldn't handle things on his own.

When will they return?

I looked at the clock.

- 10pm -

Woah time runs fast...

As soon as I locked my eyes with the television again, I screamed.

Someone's face suddenly popped and I got startled. It didn't even help me when Ethan also grabbed my legs at the same moment.

"Your...your scream."
He said between his laughter and Grayson joined in.

Fucking bastards...

My heart was beating so fast.

"T-that's not funny you...psychopaths!"
I yelled out which made Ethan only laugh harder.

Grayson was too focused on the movie.

I stood up and went upstairs. All the way up I heard Ethan calling out for me and saying 'I'm sorry baby boo boo' 'I won't do it again.' 'Well, I might do it again."

Crazy guy...

Since it was late, I had to go to sleep cause I had school the next morning.


I was woken up by some shouting.

"Where were you?"
Someone shouted.

The person answered sounding drunk.

"You fucking-"

"Chill Landon."
Another voice said.

Then a door slamming was heard and I went to sleep. I didn't make a big deal about it since I was tired as hell.

I woke up feeling freaking tired as hell. I didn't want to leave my bed and I could have cried because of that.


At breakfast everyone was present besides Dylan and Carter.

Well it didn't shock me that Carter wasn't present, but it did shock me that Dylan was-

Someone came down the stairs and sat down at the table.

It was Dylan.


This chap was actually going to be longer than this, but I just watched some ghost shit and now I am not in the mood to write lmao


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