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I headed to the next class,but before I could go through the door, some girls approached me.



Their voices were really high pitched and I asked myself if this is their real or fake voice.

The one girl who approached me first, had black hair and full make-up on.


Anyways, the other one had brown hair in a ponytail and light make-up.
She seemed like she's in the 5th grade and this was actually cute.

I awkwardly said back and then the girl with the black hair chuckled.

"I'm Kate and this is Zoe."
She gestured to the girl next to her.

"Ah, I'm Isab-"

"We already know who you are."
The black haired, Kate, snapped at me.

Rude much...

"Are you really the sister from the Rodriguez brothers?"
Zoe asked out of nowhere.

How do they know them?

"Uhm,yeah but how do yo-"
I got cut off when the girls started squealing and jumping up and down, hand in hand.

These children...

"Can you introduce us to them?"

"Can we meet them?"

"What's Grayson's favourite food?"

These questions were popping up one after another and I was sick of them. I didn't want to deal with this bullshit and ran out. But these crazy girls were following me.

Are you kidding me?!

I ran into a crowd of people and used the opportunity to turn into a corner and hide me there.
I saw the girls running past me.


I can't believe that they wanted me to hook them up with my brothers?! This is disgusting!
They're only 14 years old for crying out loud.
My brothers always have a large amount of fangirls in the new schools but I didn't knew that people in my grade also are fangirling about them.

But why did they know my brothers?

Ugh, can't deal with all of this on my first day. The day isn't even over yet...

I got out of the corner and made my way to...

where do I have to go again?

I looked at my schedule and it said, that I have history in room 345.
I arrived right at time but I was out of breath again cause I sprinted in the end.

"You're the new girl,right?"
The teacher asked me and again everyone's attention was on me.

But there was someone I could recognise.

I didn't want to screw it up like I did by Ms.Fard, so I tried to respond with a confident answer.

Well it wasn't that much of an answer but I said it without stuttering.

The teacher told me to take a seat but then Ryan spoke up.

"She can sit next to me."

"You don't have to if you don't want to."
The teacher turned to me.

Actually I really didn't want to. I preferred to sit alone and I didn't intend on befriending with him. But I also didn't want to seem like a cold hearted person.

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