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I saw nothing.

(a/n: sry for those who expected something big lol)

It was only a room and nobody was in it.

According to the plainness of this room, it seemed like it belonged to Luke.

The walls were painted plain white and there was only a bed, a drawer and a desk. Nothing special.

He likes simple things so I didn't expect anything else than this.

"Let's try the other one."
Tony said in a low voice and motioned to the door next to us.

This time, I was the one who pressed the doorknob down.

As I pressed the doorknob more and more deeper, my heart also started pounding faster.

Tony was right behind me and watched me in


The door was locked.

It's probably Landon's...

I sighed in frustration, but then I remembered that this is a good thing. Now we know which door is the right one.

The door on the right side.

"It's getting serious."
Tony whispered.

I stopped her from pressing the doorknob of the door ,where my brothers were in, down.

"What is it?"

"Are we really just going to barge in like that?"
I asked her while pointing at the door.

"We aren't going to barge in."

"But if we're opening the door, they will notice it."

"We're just going to peek in a bit, to see what they're doing."
She said and I hesitantly nod in understatement.

Tony first looked into the keyhole, to see something, but she only shook her head saying that there wasn't a way to see something.

"The key is standing in the way."
She said.

"It's locked. I told you."
I groaned in desperation.

"Chill, we didn't even try to open it yet."

After she said that, she slowly put her hand on the doorknob and started to press down as slow as possible.

I could see the nervousness in her face and I was just a wreck of sweat.

Tony only pressed three quarters down. Thankfully the doorknob didn't make any noises, till...


I looked at Tony.

And she looked at me.

Our faces were both filled with panic.


As Tony pressed half of the doorknob down, it made a noise which the guys eventually heard.

We heard some foot steps approaching us.

"Into the room!"
I whisper-yelled to Tony and motioned to Luke's room.

We quickly ran into Luke's room and closed the door.

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