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Isabella's POV

Tony and I were only a few turns away from my house. It was already dark and this made the surroundings seem scarier.

I had to admit that I was scared, eventually I wasn't used to all of this, but it seemed like that Tony wasn't afraid.

I asked myself if Tony already did such kind of things in the past. According to her tough personality, I could imagine it perfectly. It would suit her, in a good way though.

"Tell me, did you do these things often?"
I asked her out of curiosity as we walked the last few steps to my house.

"What things?"

"Things like...this. I mean going out in the dark know these things!"
I exclaimed while struggling to explain.

"It's actually pretty normal for me to go out in the evenings. Alone,too. I think you aren't used to it yet."

"I know, but why are you so brave? We are basically now going to spy on my brothers. That's a big risk!"

"Isabella to be honest, I don't think that I'll get in trouble when I get caught."


"Your brothers can't harm me. And if they would, I'd kick them in their precious 'area'."

I laughed at her self confidence. It was something that I wanted too. Something I envied her of.

"We're here right?"
Tony pointed to a big house.

Our house.


"So what are we going to do now."
Tony asked which just got me confused.

"What? Why are you asking me? I thought you had a plan!"
I started to panic.

"Calm down, girl. I have a plan and the first thing to do, is to get in the house. And I am asking you if you know any other way than the front door to get in."

I nodded in understatement.

I tried to think of another way to get in. We just moved here a few weeks ago and I never really searched up the whole house.

"Ah yes! There is a way!"
Something popped up in my mind.

"And where would it be?"

"The window!"

"You kidding, right?"
Tony looked so done with me.

"Let me just explain, we could go through the window of the twins' room."

"I'm expecting their room to be upstairs, so how are we gonna get there? I'm not the type to climb up."

"We are going to climb up, but it won't be hard. On this way their is something like a big stone where you can easily climb up"

"A big stone?"

"Yes, something like that, but anyways, it's going to be on the level for a toddler."

"First show me the 'stone'."
She gestured for me to show her it.

"And what do you think?"

"I think it's able to climb up."
Tony said while she examined the 'stone'.

"But wait, how do we know that the window is open?"
She asked as she stopped me from climbing up.

"I'm sure it's going to be open. If not...we are screwed."

Tony nodded and I started to climb up. Only after a few steps, I already reached the window.

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