ACT-ONE: New Beginnings

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"Ahri! Ahrrrri! HEY AHRI! WAKE UP! Breakfast is getting cold!" You screamed from the kitchen at the top of your lungs as if you were on the summit of Everest and Ahri was at the bottom. A new year, a new season, and a new day.

Life has been crazy since Ahri joined the party, and certainly stressful. More mouths to feed, clothes to buy, and entertainment to bring. Which means more games to win or no moolah.

Not to mention, the rollercoaster that is you and Ahri's relationship is moving at full tilt. You still wouldn't believe the amount of cockteasing you've been getting from her. Abstinence has been a difficult task seeming as your teammates have to be somewhere lurking where you and Ahri are trying to be.

Plus, with the season starting up again, you must be be able to defend the Esport's title or be a laughing stock. What is it, 2 years in a row you've won and carried now? But without further details, we look eagerly onto the future as Ahri turns over lazily in your bed.

After setting the table you were at yours and now your new roommate Ahri's bed rattling Ahri out of her slumber as she moaned and groaned about getting out of bed.

"Ahri, the bacon I cooked ain't gonna eat itself, get up please and thank you's." You pleaded with perfect puppy dog eyes.
"Mmh, Y/N, go away or just bring it here!!" Ahri groggily replied while waving her hand dismissively at the air.

"Uh...nah. Not after last time. And the way you eat, you still desperately need table manners training." You said noting the disasters that occurred last time. Ahri sat up, turned to you, and also turned on the charm.

She blew her infamous kiss and hit you right with it. Followed by that, a now suducere voice was speaking. "Aww but sweetie-pi-!"

"No, no, nopeee nahh, not happening. Too used to that shit." You crossed your arms and frowned.

Minutes later after you painfully had to drag Ahri's fat ass across the corridor, you, Ahri, and your teammates were now tucking into a lovey meal you prepared.

One of your teammates, Fionn, spoke up with his mouth full. Of course, were disgusted by the barrage of missile like flakes of food splattering everywere.

"Mmph! Damn Y/-*Chomp Chomp* N! Even if you weren't a-*Chomp Chomp* great player I'd st-*Chomp Chomp* have you as a-*Ch-"

"Stoooop! Just stop! Eat with that goddamn trapdoor closed alright!"
You exclaimed in disgust. "Even with Ahri learning table manners training it's definitely better than your nuke barrage of fucking scrambled eggs!" You continued as you had finished, tidying up your plate.

Everyone laughed at Fionn and after an exchange of smart-alecky words and OHHH!'s  were made, you were now taking a quick shower and getting ready for the first Esport's game you guys had earlier today.


The switch went off as the shower went on. The warm water and the soothing buzz of the shower motor relaxed you as you scrubbed the smelly sweat away from yourself.

*Knock Knock!*

"Who's there!?" You answered.

"Ahri." The muffled voice came behind the door. "Ahri who?" You jokingly replied.

"Seriously Y/N I need to speak with you. Can....I come in?"


Oh yes. I just did that. CLICHÉ CLIFFHANGER BOIIIII.

On to a more happy note:


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