ACT-THREE: Getting Over It

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It had been three weeks since Ahri confessed to you about her pregnacy, and that had really changed day to day life. For one, your "quest" to find the meaning behind Riot Games' "present" to you had been completely halted, and on top of that Ahri's symptoms as a pregnant woman had kicked into full swing.

Even though your teammates had been supportive about the pregnancy, being an E-sports team while hiding the fact a woman is pregnant in your penthouse is pretty damn hard!

I mean seriously, this woman was throwing up, throwing fits and eating weird. Once she snipped off a piece of your hair in the middle of the night because she said that her "fox" side had awakened because she was a carnivore.

Well, lets just say she had to eat something else as punishment. After all, you guys were technically in love.

So, now we come to present day, where you and your team were on a week hiatus from playing League Of Legends as there was a presidental election going on in the country one of the teams were in. You guys decided to go out but as you were responsible for impregnating Ahri, you stayed in and minded her.

Boy, you were regretting that choice.

"Y/NNNN~, could please fetch me another banana?" Ahri shouted in the hallway across from you watching TV. This made you swear to yourself and also miss your favourite part of your favourite show, "JoJo's Bizzare Adventure", as Mista was about to put Kraftwerk in his place.

You jogged into the kitchen, grabbed the goods, and ran into the other guest lounge (this penthouse is pretty big) and threw the bannana on Ahri's lap. You sprinted back to the team lounge and dropped on the couch, but as soon as ass touched leather...

"Y/NNNN~, I want a croissant with my bannana!" Ahri winged. "Oh for fu-!" You exclaimed and made the same journey again for the croissant. You threw it on her lap and ran back but as soon as ass touched leather...



"But Y/NNNN~, I need a big strong man like you to help meeee~!"

You sighed and shook your head then asked "Alright, what is it this time...?"




"I need a hug." She said across the hallway.

"Excuse me what the fuck!?" You said throwing your arms out angrily. You sprinted across the hallway, superman dived onto Ahri carefully not to hurt her, and then ran back with only one goal in sight and that was to rest.

You were about to sit down and earn that hard earned episode but it turned out it had finished. You cursed to yourself once again and decided to play some games on your PC. You scrolled down your collection of games until you ended up at "Dragon Ball Fighter Z" which you weren't too bad at.

You booted it up and started playing the story mode but as soon as the action got going...

"Y/NNNN~, could you please bring some salt and vinegar crisps!" Ahri moaned once again across the hallway. You turned off your PC knowing that it would be like this again if you tried to keep playing. So you in disgustfully and angrily get the crisps and sit down next to Ahri trying not to make eye contact.

Apparently, Ahri likes sci-fi movies, and it looks like she enjoys stormtroopers who can't aim for shit. You grunted to yourself at the thought of enjoying your night being thrown away but it look Ahri had seen that angry look in your eye, as she then told you "Is Y/N throwing a little hissy fit~?"

You turned around and remarked "Girl, if you don't shut that mouth of yours' I swear it's gonna ge-!" You were inturrupted by one of Ahri's hard and sultry kissed that just made you melt. A romantic sexual atmosphere was in the sky, but Ahri rubbed your cheek and said...

"Trust me, I'm all yours' when this is over."

Well you aren't any professional on motivational speeches but that was enough to keep you going.

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