ACT-FIVE: Portal

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It was like nothing you've ever seen! You didn't believe it! It was like Narnia or something! A hole in the bathroom floor, reflecting another world at you that you've never seen before. You stared at it dumbstruck for a while, processing what you just witnessed.

A hole, but not like any other hole. Inside it, a beautiful vast sky, rolling hills going off into the horizon, scenery like you've never seen before! Creatures that even Charles Darwin would baffle at! Your knees shook, you felt your skin crawl. How were you going to tell your friends about this?

You thought to yourself. Maybe you don't have to tell anyone. Maybe you could keep this treasure for yourself to enjoy! The quest to find Riot's explaination for Ahri was over. You've found it, a random portal to another world!

You didn't let your mind carry you away though, you weighed up the pros and cons. What if you can't get back? What if you had to leave youe current reality, a sucessful E-Sports gamer, behind?

But gold doesn't outweigh diamond. You took a deep breath and braced yourself for the amazement you were going to incounter. You closed your eyes and hopped inside, hearing noise you couldn't comprehend as the space and time around you contorted into a new reality.

That is, until you felt cold solid concrete slap your body. Before you even looked up, someone had a gun skewered into your back shouting "Arms behind your back! Don't move!".

"Oh shit, what have I done..." You asked yourself, having no clue how you made this crazy stupid choice.

"You stole a diamond from the city bank, bucko! You know exactly what you did!" A female voice beside you crouching down said. She had pink hair, a broad build, and a metal hand to sport her features. The other person took the gun away from your back, and walked almost like a model to face your front, still smushed into the cold concrete of the floor, which from hearing the sounds around you, was a disgusting dirty allyway.

The person who had circled around you crouched down, grabbed you by the scruff of your neck and spat in your face. "Trash, thinking you can get away with stealing valubles like that. You should be ashamed." She said, mockingly. This female looked at bit different. She had somewhat a skimpy looking uniform and a purple top hat, with a huge sniper rifle strapped to her back.

"Wh-...where am I?" You asked puzzled. The woman that had caught you by the scruff guffawed. "Hahah, don't play dumb with me! You are in the greatest city in Valoran, Piltover!"

And with that reply you said;

"Excuse me, what the fuck."

Oh boy, what happens next made you regret that answer.

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