ACT-SIXTEEN: Disappeared

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Y/N grumbled in peace as he turned over, pulling the duvet cover over his head while the light shone through the windows.

"Ahh..." He sighed, finally feeling refreshed for once. He sat up in bed, looking over to the desktop bedside to check what time it was on the alarm clock.

"11:37 AM...I sure was tired then.."

His newborn hybrid child, Jay, was still asleep next to him. "Well, that is something I'm not going to get used to seeing.." He said to himself quietly.

He crept out of bed as quietly as he could to not awake Jay, and headed to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He opened the door and as he went to follow suit to his teeth-brushing, he stopped dead in his tracks.

"No...not again, not again!" He screamed in anger.

The portal that had opened up and caused him so much trouble was there, idle, waiting for a worthy victim to claim.

"Shit-!" Y/N exclaimed, slamming the door and scrambling into the kitchen. Not a person in sight. Checked everyone's rooms. Nothing. Corridors, utility rooms, game rooms, nowhere to be found at all. Not a single soul but him and Jay in the building.

"No, that must mean-..." Y/N stopped back where he started, in the bathroom, staring down that bizarre portal.

"They're gone.."

"I'm the only one left..."

As the sudden shock hit Y/N, he realised what he had to do. He sprinted into his room and grabbed his clothes, waking up Jay. As Jay whined as his sleep had met an untimely end, Y/N was grabbing a backpack and stuffing it with all sorts of supplies, running around the house grabbing any sort of useful thing he saw.

"I must..." He said to himself quietly over and over.

While doing that he barged back into his room and gently carried Jay, giving him a bottle of milk to calm his nerves. Jay was quite small, so he fit just right into a second compartment of the large backpack Y/N was carrying, along with a small blanket and pillow to keep him warm.

Y/N took a deep breath before leaving his room.

"I must.. I must save my friends!"

He turned the corner after closing his door, and walked slowly to the bathroom. The portal that tormented him so was still there.

Y/N took a step back...

And took the plunge into the deep abyss.

Meanwhile, the penthouse door opened..

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