ACT-TEN: Back Home

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"So uh...howdy there." You said as the rest of your team looked at both of you dumbfounded.

"What the fuck..." The remaining three team members said simultainously.

"Th-this is pretty gay as well..." Fionn remarked.

"Maybe this is where Ahri came from.." Sarah also said.

"You'd be right about that, the world looks just like the game." Marco said, pushing off of you and dusting himself off.

"Wait...where is Ahri?" You asked worriedly.

"She's asleep in your room, she complained that she was having a lot stomach cramps lately. She misses you." Judy outlined.

"Thank goodness. How much time passed here?"

"Just a couple hours, why?"

"Wh- really? We weren't gone that long I felt.."

"Can we leave the toilet now?" Marco cut in.

You all awkwardly agreed and decided to cohort in the kitchen, where leftover dinner was waiting for you and Marco.

Marco haplily tucked into his chinese take-out while you explained the situation to everyone, it took almost a whole hour but it was worth them knowing.

"...So we have our own counterparts that reflect us in the game world?" Fionn said, astonished.

"Yep. We look old and ominous as fuck too." You said jokingly.

"Heh, I'm sure that's just the case for you." Judy remaked sassily, hand put on hip.

"Well I'll have you know that I look a bit like Soldier 76!" You retorted, hurt.

"Sure, and I can fly." Sarah laughed.

"Hmph, well I'm going to see how Ahri's doing. I'm sure we can figure out things about the world later."

"Don't shoot someone on the way in 76~!" Judy taunted again as the gang shared laughs. They all went off and did seperate leisurely things as the evening withered away.

You travelled to your room and gently pushed opened the door.

"Hey there sweetheart..." You said gently as you tip-toed into the room, just in-case Ahri was sleeping.


"Youuuuu~! Where have you been! You were gone so long! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate youuuu~! You're such an idiot for leaving withiut asking me! I'm sure you've cheated on me! You're not fit to be a fath-!"


You closed the door, breathing heavily after getting a mouthful of words hitting your face at 90 miles an hour. How did she even know you were here, I mean she's a fox that's a given, but the corridor was fairly long. Alas, you sighed tiredly.

"Isn't it good to be back." You manned up and opened the door again, but to your shock..

"Just don't... leave me again."

Ahri was hugging you as tightly as you could, sniffing with tears streaming down those eyes you called beautiful so much. You smiled and softly said:

"Kept you waiting, huh?"

Yep. It was good to be back.

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