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"Phew! It's sure good to be back!"

You had just said after finishing another winning ranked game on League.

It had been two months since you traveled to the League of Legends world, and you just itching to go back. Your friends and you were plotting to go back, as soon as the current E-Sports season ends. You'll tell Riot the whole situation, and get back there. Somehow.

As for the man in the golden boxers...He is waiting for the perfect time to reveal himself. Remember him? He's controlling what I say right now. This world doesn't exist does it? He is just creating the continuation of this world through his will. It wi




So o n.

After you had gone back to the main client menu of the game, you sighed and pushed your chair back from the monitor. You decided to check on Ahri, who had really swollen over these couple of months. Her belly wasn't the only thing big too. Her attitude was as high as a rollercoaster, soaring high into the sky in temper tantrums and low, down to earth depressiveness.

She was in the living room, watching another one of those stupid chick-flicks where everyone cries at the end and it's all sad and crap. Ahri herself was crying while eating a combination of salt and vinegar crisps with a hotdog covered in mustard.

"Ahri...what the hell are you doing?" You asked, afraid of the answer.

"Go away! *sniff* You don't understand the struggle- *sniff* of the women of our- *sniff* generation! All men deserve to *sniff* die!"

And with that, you sighed and replied,

"I'll just go run you a bath."

Ahri's face lit up immeadiately.

"Tch-awww...thank you so so so much~! Please ignore anything I say about you~! You're so good to me~! Mwah~!" She blew you a kiss crying tears of joy.

You shook your head and smiled.

"Oh Ahri...I love you too..." You walked off into the bathroom to run the bath. While the bathtub was filling up, you actually had a few moments for once to contemplate life. The whole portal thing, Ahri coming the the first place, being an E-Sports icon, your teammates, everything.

You finally had peace in the world, for a moment, you could live a quiet li-


"Y/N! Come quick! We think Ahri's gone into labour!" Marco, who had just slammed open the door said. Your jaw dropped and your eyes widened. You almost panicked. You shut off the water for the bath right away and tried to fumble past Marco.

You shouted as you ran to the main door of the penthouse.

"I'll get the car, you get the fox."

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