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Someone was coming towards your cell. You were about to fall asleep until you heard the faint footsteps coming from far away. You jumped up from the cell floor like a cat with a bucket of cold water just poured on it.

You scrambled to put on your clothing and shook Jinx awake, but to no avail she seems to be a heavy sleeper. She muttered under her breath "Don't worry...we'll have round 2 later...mmph, leave me alone...."

You decided to throw her clothing over her to hide the fact that she was naked, and pray you don't get in trouble for rape.

The prison guard approached and you blessed yourself in the christian cross, hoping for a saviour to come down and release you from this cage they call a pri-

"Hey you, you're bailed c'mon."


You said, shocked that your prayer reached hearing ears. You couldn't believe it! Justice and truth becoming the victor at the end of the day. You felt like cracking a big stupid smile on your face, but the guard looked like he was having none of it, so you kept a straight mouth.

The cell opened, and you walked out triumphly. Jinx layed there with a peaceful smile from the round of sex you both just had, you wondered if you'd ever see her again. You and the guard begun travelling back the way you came to the ground floor. It seemed like you were going to see light for the first time in ages.

"So..., did she..ya' know, screw ya?" The guard asked in a gruff tone. He sounded like he was from New York, with a stubble half-shaven beard and coffee in his hand.


"Well, did she?"

"Um, kind...of?" You were a bit afraid to spill the beans.

"Huh. So she did. I saw her on the ground fairly snug. You dog, getting cuddly at even a prison."

"Heh, heh...yeah.." You scratched the back of your neck in modesty and blushed in slight embarassment.

"Anyway, how did you even end up here, Y/N?"

"Wh-! You know my name?"

The guard slowly pulled off his beard. It revealed Marco, your teammate from the world you played E-Sports in.

"M-m-marco! What the hell?" You exclaimed as both of you were about to reach ground floor.

"Yep. It's me. Nice disguise ain't it. I saw the portal in bathroom, walked through it, next thing I know I'm doing paperwork in a police office. Heard about a crinimal that stole a diamond and I was told to check on you. The luck I got finding you."

"Tch. Why couldn't I be a policeman. It's not fair!" You pouted.

"And don't worry, I won't tell Ahri."

"Oh yeah...that. Thanks."

"Heh, imagine. The great Y/N "raped" by a woman in a prison cell."

"That's not what hap-!"

"Pft, I'm only just teasing. I was told Jinx is a bit frisky with male prisoners, but I guess they didn't expect you to get fucked."


"Right. We're going to the main floor now, shut up and don't speak. I have an alibi to get us both outta here."

Marco cuffed your hands.

"H-hey! Watch it!"

"Ah shut up you kinky bastard, I know you love it."

You sighed and shook your head.

"Just shut the fuck up and get me outta here alright?"

"Heh. Relax man I got it."

"And stop talking in that stupid accent."

You both walked through the main offices of the area, policemen and women at work. You both were about to reach to exit until..

"Hey you, where are you taking this guy!"
It seemed like a cheif or someone prestigious in the workplace.

"I'm taking him back to the crime scene. He has some evidence on him where he stole the diamonds."

"Ah, carry on."

You both were about to leave sighing at the relief that Marco's plan worked. But you got a small fright as the man spoke again.

"Hey! Wait a second..."

You froze. Was this it? Were you both caught?

The man threw Marco some keys.

"Take my police car, I won't be needing it today."


You thought Marco legitimately pissed his pants for a second there, but alas, both of you drove off in freedom from the policestation of where you were recently prisoned.

"Uh...One question." Marco said to you while heading off down the road.

"Where do we go now?"

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