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"Arrrgggh!" Ahri groaned writhing in pain as she lay on the bed in the delivery room

"Jesus Christ my hand!" You exclaimed as Ahri crushed your hand you gave to her as you supported her through the convulsions. Pregnant women were always that way, gaining near superhuman strength out of nowhere to poor suffering fathers.

You had arrived at the central hospital in quick enough time so that Ahri could deliver the baby safely, it was no easy task, ducking and diving around traffic in order to get to delivery room. You swore there were a few scratches on your now miserable BMW M4 from all that fast driving. But all that could be solved later. Right now it was Ahri, you, and the doctor trying to deliver the human baby.

Or...was it human? Ahri is a fox-human hybrid, and you were just human. You pondered the outcome of the baby as the ultrasounds really didn't show any clear signs. You also decided to withhold the gender of the baby for Ahri's suprise. But alas, enough about niche issues, for now at the matter at hand a practical problem needed to be solved. And that was to deliver this baby.

"Push! Push! Keep pushing!" The doctor said, the usual commands. All you could really do is helplessly and aimlessly watch as Ahri struggled to push the baby out. Your hand felt like it was being combusted or crushed under a hydrolic press. But all that didn't matter. You supported Ahri no question to it. At least, all the mood swings will finally be over..and Ahri will have grown another breast size in order to store milk for the baby.

Peverted thoughts at this moment, you grinned while also being dissapointed at how much a degenerate you were. But I guess thats what happens when you meet someone as beautiful as Ahri.

The labour was reaching it's final moments, the babies head finaly being seen. All these months had finally added up to this moment, this one moment, the final stretch where you would become a father for the most beautiful fox-woman on earth.

The doctor was screaming push, Ahri was screeching as she made all effort to try and use every ounce of her willpower to get the baby out, you administered emotional support towards Ahri as much as you could until-

"Wahhhh! Wahhhhhh~!"

The beauty of a baby being born.

"It's a wonderful baby boy!" The doctor declared. "Oh, I never get tired of this job.." He sighed in satisfaction. Ahri broke down in tears of joy as she was handed her crying baby boy. A very small and cute handsome boy, and you were the cause of it. You, a father. You'd never thought you'd see the day. Forget everything. Forget E-Sports. Nothing compares to this moment, right here, right now.

"Such a peculiar baby boy! Shining green eyes, spiky fluffy ears, whiskers on his cheeks, a full soft brown coat of hair on his head, this baby is quite the spectacle. I've never seen such a phenomenon in my life!" The doctor said, getting a closer look as he cut the umbilical cord.

"Uh...well, how do I explain this-" You said, knowing your problems as a father had just begun.

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