ACT-FOURTEEN: Baby Troubles

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After the whole fiasco with the birth, a new child had been brought into the world by the name of...

Name of...

Well, you're about to find out.

"Ugh. I think I'm okay now. But um...what are we calling him?" Y/N said, after recovering from his miniature meltdown. Ahri softly cradled her newborn as she thought to herself.

"Huh...I really don't know."

"Well it is a boy. And we're in New about an American name?"

"Am I a joke to you?" Ahri reacted, ferociously.

"Wh-what?" Y/N was confused, face flustered and a shade of red.

"Have you seen American names!? Donald, Trump, Brady, De Niro!? Heck no if you think I'm calling my child any of those despicable names. Especially Trump. What the heck Y/N." Ahri ranted.

"Sheesh. Talk about entitled. What about...Italian names? Bruno? Giorno? Narancia??"

"...Y/N. You're a very evil man."

"H-hey! Those names are classy! Screw you!"

"Don't think I'll be signing any prenups if this is the way you conduct your family Y/N!" Ahri 'humphed' indignantly and turned away.

Y/N's face twitched with annoyance.

"We aren't even married!"

"Well I don't care!"

"That's it. I'm calling him anything I want and that's final.
We're calling him Bardock."

"Too manly. Nope."

"But he is going to be a ma- never mind. How about Josuke."

"Our baby is not a thug, Y/N"


"Too...bizzare. No."

" about.....Yasuo?"

"*Gasp* that's perfect!"

"I was kidding. No. What about Kira. Or Takumi. Or Vegeta. Or whatever the fuck just pick something before I run out of reference."

"Give me your phone." Demanded Ahri. She placed out her hand.

Y/N cautiously gave Ahri the phone. Ahri snatched out of Y/M's grasp with a quick jolt. She began surfing the web for names as Y/N stood anxiously, hoping no 'precious' files would be found.


"Don't worry, I won't."

Y/N was taken aback. How could she have known!?

"...pick any American names, that's for sure." Ahri stated to Y/N's relief.

"Hm...alright, here. How about this. Roronoa."

"Not could do better."

"True. What about..Jay? Something simple."

"Yeah. I can work with that. Jay. Has a nice ring to it."

"Alright. Its settled then. Go tell the nurse."

"Will do. And hey Ahri...


We're gonna be great parents." Y/N smiled as he left the room to request the name of the baby be taken.

Jay L/N. (L/N = your Last Name.)

"What a beautiful family we're gonna be." Ahri said to herself, a tear slowly drooping down her silky smooth facial skin. The baby, now named "Jay", cooed softly in it's slumber, ready to begin it's new life.

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