ACT- THIRTEEN: Newborn Negatives (Teaser)

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"So yeah, well..." Y/N scratched his head looking for an answer for the doctor as he glared, stunned at the child being cuddled and smothered in Ahri's cleavage and arms.

"It's...a....a...oh yeah! Well, my girlfriend here comes from a rare family in China, a famous royal dynasty known for their obsession with cats and wolves. They were the best at what they did, training tailed animals to fight in wars alongside their human comrades. The royal family distinguished themselves from their loyal subjects by attaching cat-like appendages to their bodies and in fact, were the first to invent contact lenses in order to have cat-looking eyes. I speedily slipped the lenses and ears onto our child as my girlfriend here, gave birth."



Ahri and the doctor stared at you in sheer disbelief with the stream of bullshit that just flowed through Y/N's mouth.

Y/N shrugged your shoulders and smilied.

"It's true!"

The doctor regained his composure.

"Well, can I touch the child's ears?"

"ABSOLUTELY NOT." Y/N retorted, frightful that his lie would be uncovered, taking the doctor aback.

"I-I mean, touching the ears of the child newborn is considered hugely taboo in my girlfriends culture, means extra-mega-ultra bad luck...and stuff."



"W-Well, after a 24 hour incubation period, and rest for the woman, both your spouse and the child can leave. Good day and good luck with parenthood!" The doctor paced quickly out of the room.

"Wack-jobs..." He may or may not have muttered as he left the room.

Y/N turned to Ahri sheepishly.

"...uh, congratulations?"

Ahri just guffawed in pure laugher and high fived Y/N, as if her pregnancy pain had disappeared suddenly. She held her stomach and shuddered as the pain came back, but couldn't stop laughing.

"Oooh, that slaps me on the knee! Ahaha! Y/N, you are a funny little man!" She praised Y/N for his efforts.

"Heh, yeah, yeah.." Y/N wiped away the oceans of sweat that accumulated on his forehead.

"I think I need a beer, yeah this does not look good um.." Y/N trailed off and collapsed to the floor.

"Oh no.." Said Ahri as she peered over the bed.

"I guess he's all tuckered out."


Don't worry, when I get my new phone chapters will go back up to 500 words plus. Cya.

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