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Y/N and Ahri both laid on the couch back at the penthouse the next day, absolutely destroyed by tiredness. The baby, Jay, was also fast asleep in Y/N's room with the help of the other female companions of Y/N's team, Judy and Sarah. Marco and Fionn were busy playing some ranked games of League.

In other words, finally a quiet life for Y/N.


"Yeah Ahri?" Y/N heard a disheveled and fatigued voice lying next to him. He slowly turned towards her.

"So...what happens now? Is this it for us?"

"I....don't know. Really. I'm all out of ideas. Honestly, all these months has been crazy, and magical. Especially with you around."

Y/N's honest words had made Ahri blush, but she was too tired to embrace Y/N, after literally pushing out another human being.

"Aw...that's sweet. I wish I could kiss you right now."

"Ah, don't mention it. With time, we'll figure out what the future holds for us."

"That'll be soon."

"Hm!? Who said that?" Y/N heard a voice in the room, but no person projecting the voice physically.

"Get rid of her. Get rid of your new creation. You will avoid suffering."

"Who-! What-!? Ahri, are you hearing this!?" Y/N, shocked, sprang up from the couch paranoid about the voice he was hearing.

"Are you okay Y/N? You must be really tired. Nobody is here right now except us."

"End her life before it comes. This digital abomination must die...

End it.."

The ominous voice faded away from Y/N's supposedly hearing of it.

"I must be hearing voices in my head. I also feel someone's watching us. I-....I don't know, I need to rest."

"Y/N-!" Ahri called out, but Y/N stormed away, a distraught look on his face. In the earshot of the corridor, a door slammed.

"Oh no...not again." Ahri said to herself.

"They're coming for me aren't they."

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