Chapter 6

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I woke up to the sun glaring through my bedroom window

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I woke up to the sun glaring through my bedroom window. It was 7am. I was upset that I was awake as I only went to sleep about 3 hours ago. I must have forgot to close my black out curtains. I went to turn to my left side to get up and was prevented by the red bone I had lying next to me. I decided to get up on the opposite just to find a cute brown skin chick to the right of me. My mind travels back to last night. It was a hell of a night. Some of the details were foggy since we were so intoxicated. The light skin chick started to stir and turned around to face me. She wasn't as cute as I remembered last night but she sure was a lot of fun.

"Good morning", she said through a raspy, half sleep voice.

"What's up", I replied. "It's about time for ya'll to bounce, I got shit to do". I sat up in the bed, waking up the other girl with my movement.

"You want me to make breakfast?", the brown skin one asked.

"Nah, I just want ya'll to get the fuck out". At that I got up and closed the curtains. I put on the light I had on my desk so that they could get their stuff together. They were offended by my statement and had severe attitudes but I didn't give a fuck. You lucky I was drunk and even let ya'll fall asleep here. I sat at the recliner chair I had in my little sitting area of my bedroom. I grabbed my box from the coffee table and started to break up my weed to roll my morning blunt. They got dressed and stood by the door looking at me.

"What", I questioned.

"What you mean what", the light skin one spoke with attitude. "We came here with you so how you expect us to get back.  I licked my fronto, processing the attitude this bitch gave me and told myself not to spaz the fuck out.

"I don't give a fuck how you leave, just leave. Call an uber, walk, figure it the fuck out". That enraged them both. They both walked out the room into the living room of the pool house. I had basically turned it in to my domain and updated the shit out of it. They stopped in their tracks to yell about how I was a fuckboy and a bitch and disrespectful. I laughed hard as shit while I pulled my first hit of my blunt. My phone rang, displaying Mario's name as the caller. As I went to speak, I heard glass shattering in the other room. I jumped up.

"Hold up, Mario", I said taking the phone off my ear as I walked into the living area. The decorative centerpiece I had on my island was on the ground in pieces. "Bitch is you crazy" I screamed. 'Fuck you", they both replied simultaneously as the sped out the door.

"Hello", I go back to the phone with mad aggression.

"You aight my dude", Mario asked, after hearing the minor commotion.

"Yeah I'm good. This bitch just broke my Martha Stewart vase. I fucking loved that vase fucking bitch", I say seriously causing Mario to bust out laughing.

"Fuck you nigga, it ain't funny. She lucky I got this kush in my lungs or I would have choked that bitch. Anyway, what the fuck you want", I ask.

"Oh, Imma have to take a raincheck on that little move we was making tonight. I forgot shorty coming thru tonight", Mario stated.

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