Chapter 3

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I woke still angry from the night before

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I woke still angry from the night before. Romario was such an ass. Typical ass nigga. I had a crush on him since high school. He used to play basketball with my brother at the Reggie Lewis center. I used to go to just watch him. They were two years older than me but my brother acted like he was Chris Hanson catching a predator every time Romario said hi to me. Any of his friends for that matter. We grew up but nothing changed. Every time I saw him I just wanted to be his. I hadn't seen him for like a year and a half until one day he showed up with my roommate, Janessa. She introduced him as her man. I wanted to throw up in my mouth. She wasn't even that cute. I was determined to have him for myself. It just so happened that we were having a New Years party to bring in 2017. Janessa was at home on break spending time with her dad who was sick with cancer. It was my perfect opportunity. I remember that night like it was yesterday.

"10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1 Happy New Year", roared through the apartment. We were all drinking and having a good time. I convinced Romario and his boys to stop by. He walked in looking as fly as ever. I could feel the heat generating between my legs.

"Mario", I squealed running up to him giving him a hug. He acted surprised like we haven't known each other since we were kids. "Thanks, for coming. I'll grab you a drink".

"Thanks Ma but I don't really drink, I smoke if anything", he answered.

"Aww come on one drink won't hurt", I said trying to sway him. It worked he agreed to one drink. I walked away to go get the drink. When I came back, everyone who smoked had started a cypher. I walk over to him and pass him the drink. He thanked me and took a sip.

"This taste weird as fuck",  he said, screwing up his face.

"Stop sipping it and chug it big man", I urged. He chugged the drink still not pleased with the taste. The night continues and I could tell he was inebriated. I thought for a minute. How can I let him know I want him without being desperate? I pretended to be intoxicated. I stumbled over to him and sat on the arm of the couch where he was sitting. He was in the process of rolling his blunt.

When he went to lick it, I feebly leaned over him and said "I hate being drunk, I get so horny".

"Oh, yeah", he said, licking his lips.

"Yeah, I bet I can lick you better than you're licking that blunt", I say seductively.

"Ma, I got a girl, that's not cool"

I was irritated. I pretended to down my drink and offered him a shot.

"Ma I told you I am good".

"I know but it's a party, you only live once. No one has to know", I urge. He takes the drink and throws it back. A few minutes later, I walked by him on the couch. He was slumped back like he was not even in his body. I asked him if he wanted to lay down and get comfortable. He declined. I insisted and took him by his hands pulling him to his feet. I lead him to my room and he immediately hits the bed. He is sitting at the edge and lays back so his feet are planted on the floor. I ask him if he is ok and he mentions that he has a headache.

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