Chapter 2

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Things have come together since my move a month ago

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Things have come together since my move a month ago. I've met a few cool people, wouldn't call them friends yet but cool nonetheless. I went and got a 2017 Ford Explorer. The winter in Boston can be brutal so instead of getting a cute BMW or something flashy I kept it efficient. This way I can get around the city without having to bother Tania. We have grown closer over this last month. I had my reservations and still not 100% trust in her but she was growing on me. Tania was dating a dude named Papo. I wouldn't trust his ass to take out my trash. He looked like if you pissed him off, he would off your whole family, goldfish included. I guess I am safe because I have no family. He was Hispanic, from El Salvador. His real name was Paulo. He was covered head to toe in tattoos, literally, they were on his head, face, everywhere. He dressed like he was always ready to pull off a heist. All black everything. He seemed nice and Tania said he was sweet but I judged the hell out of him silently.

I had just come back from my late Sociology class. I sat in my car for about 30 minutes, listening to music and wrapping my mind around going in the house. Some days I just didn't want to be bothered. I contemplated moving out on my own but after my experiences back home, the last thing I wanted or needed was to be alone. I got myself together and headed up to our 3rd floor apartment. I hated stairs but it kept me in shape. I put my key in the door to unlock it. As I do the door swings open.

"Who is you?", a tall, skinny Spanish dude, with long cornrows and a scraggily ass beard asked, as he stood blocking my way in.

"Clearly I have a fucking key so I live here, move", I push by him.

"Damn Ma, you got your period or something, you can't take a joke?"

I glare over my shoulder. "You are a joke and no I can't take it".

I walk into the kitchen to put the couple of items I bought from the grocery store in the refrigerator. I put the things that were communal in the kitchen. I had a mini fridge in my room for all the items I didn't share. I walk past the people who have gathered in the living room without saying a word. They are all in costumes as it is Halloween. I didn't partake. I have enough skeletons. I walk down the hall to my room where I here Dani calling my name behind me. I pretend not to hear her and go in my room and shut the door. She must have got the hint because she didn't come knocking. I took of my clothes and threw on some sweats and a tank top. I sat on my bed writing in my diary. Don't judge me. I have so much in my head that I must get it out somehow. I write a little but it's hard to focus with all the noise coming from the front room. I put on my Greatest Hits of the 90's slow jam playlist and turn it all the way up. I sit at my vanity removing my makeup for the day. I throw my hair up in a messy bun and just looked at my reflection. Without makeup I hated looking at myself. Not because I wasn't attractive because I looked great without makeup but because you could see the pain in my eyes that I hid with makeup, false lashes and winged liner. As I was lost in thought, my phone rang through my Bluetooth speaker and scared me half to death because it was so loud. I ran over to answer. It was Romario. We had talked almost every day after meeting at the club.

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