Chapter 4

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It's been a few weeks since I've stopped dealing with Romario

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It's been a few weeks since I've stopped dealing with Romario. I've blocked him so he can't call or text. I just want to move on while it's still early. I miss him though. Ive been busy just dealing with school. My grades for the fall semester are great. If I stay busy I won't cave. I only had one class this morning, so I stopped at the gym to get a work out in. I program the treadmill to some much needed cardio. I was stressed. I was doing sprint intervals. I ran for 5 minutes and then switched to a brisk walk. I would do this for about 45 minutes. As I was cooling down, I look around and see someone watching me. I look away but then I realize I know that face. I look back and sure enough it's Tania's delinquent ass man. I give an awkward smile as he waves from across the gym. I finish my workout and then go to the locker room. I shower and change. I blow dry my hair so I don't catch pneumonia. It's the end of November, the week of thanksgiving to be exact. I get myself together and head out. As I step out the locker room I walk smack into Mr Ms-13 himself.

"Hey, Nikki, right"?
"Umm yeah and your umm Pablo?", I ask uninterested.
"It's Papo", he responds.
"Oh well have a good workout, Pablo", I say as I walk towards the door. He chuckles catching my shade.

"Well I do personal training here so if you ever need some assistance just let me know". I was being a bitch and he was being nice. It kind of threw me off.

"Ok,cool, thanks", I replied

"Ok, see you around Nicole", he started to walk off.

"It's Nicolette", I called out.

"Yeah and it's Papo, not Pablo", he said with a laugh and walked off. I stood there actually proud of his comeback. Maybe he is not a goldfish killer after all. I laugh to myself and head to the car.

I am checking my notifications on my phone as I walk through the lot to my car. As I walk to my car my jaw drops. The words "Home wrecking WHORE" was spray painted on my windshield and all 4 of my tires were flattened.

"What the fuck. Are you fucking kidding me?", I scream as I assess the situation. "If this was that bitch Suli I'm going to kill her". I sit in the car, embarrassed and pissed off. I think of who I can call to pick me up while I have the car towed. After I get off the phone with AAA, I call Tania.

"Hey girl, what's up", she whispered.

"I'm sorry to bother you but are you around?"

"I'm in the middle of an important lecture are you ok", she asked genuinely concerned.

"Umm yeah, get back to your lecture, talk to you later", I answer.

"Who can I call?" Just as I say that I hear a horn honk. I look up and it's fucking Romario. "Not now", I say to myself. I ignore him and pray he will just drive off. I busy myself with my phone not wanting to look up and then I hear, "I know you need a ride so stop playing". I look up and immediately started thinking.

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