Chapter 5

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Christmas, my favorite time of year

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Christmas, my favorite time of year. The decorations, the Christmas movies and music, and just the overall joyous attitude of the season. Christmas in my house was always a shit show, so once I was away from it all, I decided to make the most of it. My roommates were even more excited. Dani had the apartment decked out in Christmas décor. It was a lot but didn't cross over to tacky. We had a huge 7 ft tree in the corner of the living room next to our fake fireplace. It was literally bricks and a mantel. I don't know what the builder was thinking with this idea but it served no purpose, until now. We each had a stocking hanging with our names on it. Tania had the Christmas music blasting and would come home every day to make cookies and hot chocolate. We were a little family.

I stood on the step stool adjusting the ornaments on the tree, singing along with Mariah Carey. 'I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need'. I was very particular with tree decorating. I couldn't have the same color ornaments next to each other. Each side of the tree had to have a good variety and the colors had to be spread out. I was caught up in decorating and singing that I never even heard someone come up behind me. Out of nowhere I was lifted off the step stool and spun around and met by the softest lips. Romario had come by for our game night we had planned. After the drama that was Suli happened, we decided to see where things go, which quickly translated to us being in a relationship.  We were on break from school and business was slow for Romario's fathers company due to the snow.

"Get a room", Dani scoffed as she walked past.

"Get a man", Romario shot back causing us all to laugh. Dani picked up a throw pillow from the couch and hurled it at him from across the room.

"Then hook it up. What's up with Trey's fine ass".

"Ewww, I think not", I say in disgust. I cannot stand that kid.

"What he is fine". I just roll my eyes. Ever since that day at the club, I just never liked him. He is arrogant and thinks because his parents have money he can be an asshole. We all gathered around the coffee table to start off the night. We played Monopoly, Uno, and Jenga. All the games that bring out the worst in people but it was a good night. Papo brought a few friends and one of them was on Dani's back. She welcomed the attention but wasn't that interested. She didn't really care for Hispanic men. She liked them midnight blue men. We drank, ate, and laughed and had a good night. We all separated at the end of the night. Papo and Romario were spending the night. Dani felt left out so decided to have some "what the hell" sex with Renzo, Papo's cousin.

Romario and I went to my room and took a shower, getting ready for bed. I went first while Romario had a few business emails to respond to. When I was done, he went in. As I sat at my vanity, putting my hair into two braids, something kept lighting up out of the corner of my eye. I looked over on the nightstand and it was Romario's phone. He had the ringer turned off but it kept lighting up. As much as I wanted to be strong enough to not look, something called me. I go to the phone and on the screen, is a string of text message notifications.  The contact name read 'Psycho'.

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