Chapter 8

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I woke up in a haste, sweat pouring off me

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I woke up in a haste, sweat pouring off me. This is the fourth night this week that I had the same dream. I wake up in my room back home and fire surrounded me at all angles. I run out of the room into my parent's room and as soon as I get to the door I freeze. I try to go to them but I can't move. My dad looks at me through flames and smokes and says "You did this. It's your fault". I scream "No, it wasn't me", and then I wake up. The dream is the same every time. I look at the clock and it is 3:15 am. I knew I wouldn't be able to go to sleep so I decide to just get up. I jump in the shower since I am covered in sweat. I turn on the TV just for background noise and take out my little diary. I frequently wrote my innermost thoughts in this but sometimes I would just read it like a book. Sometimes it is too much to take in. It details so many times in my life. Some good and some terrible. I must have dozed off in the process. I woke up to the morning news. The reporter got my attention immediately.

22-year-old man involved in fiery crash in medically induced coma. Trey Orisakwe is still in critical condition after sustaining life-threatening injuries. The cause of the crash is unknown but it is believed to be faulty wiring. It is still under investigation.

"He should have kept his nose out of my business", I say aloud as I turned the TV off. I threw on some sweats and a t-shirt. I had to unpack my stuff that the movers dropped off. I was so thankful to Dani for helping me arrange for my stuff to be packed and taken out of the apartment without incident. I was sure Nia was going to do some petty shit. Nia and I hadn't spoken still after what happened. I thought she knew me better than to think that I would do something like that to her. But I guess I can't think like that none of them really know me.

I unpacked a good amount of boxes and decided to take a break. I grabbed my laptop and sit down on my new recliner. I check my social media and then go to my emails. I scanned over them until an email timed from this morning caught my attention.

5:31 AM - Subject: WATCH YOUR BACK

I looked at the message for a while and decided to click on it. I realized it was from Suli. I immediately thought this girl is still trying to threaten me over Romario. I went to exit the email but something stopped me from doing so.

I know what you think of me and you know what I think of you but despite all of that I am not the person you think I am. They are plotting on you. They want you gone and I don't know how far the plan to go to do so. I know you have questions but I attached the email that Tania sent me. I don't like you but I am not as crazy as they are. Watch your back. They are going to stop at nothing to destroy you.

I clicked on the attachment which was the original email that was sent to Suli. I read the full email and I was shocked. The email was from Tania basically laying out the plan and trying to get Suli to be in on it too. I had so many thoughts racing through my head. I need answers. I hit the reply button and responded to Suli's email.

"Who is 'they'? They want to "destroy" me over Nia's boyfriend who isn't even my type. This is ridiculous. He kissed me, not the other way around. Why are you even warning me? I saw all those text messages you were sending to Romario, threatening to deal with me to get me out of the picture. How do I know you aren't setting me up? You all are all fucking crazy.

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