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She was aware she was not the only one

Evie shuddered as she watched her sister and Jace flirt. They were making stupid doe eyes at one another and it was distracting. She could have been doing much more than watching the two right now. She could be doing anything else right now that wasn't watching her sister awkwardly try to get the attention of some superhero wannabe. 

It also hit her hard when she looked across the grave, which was an unusual thought that she was stood at the edge of a fake grave, to see poor Alec. He looked like every second Jace spent trying to woo Clary that his heart was breaking. Therefore, she felt as though an intervention was necessary. She would do her hardest to get him a dude who would appreciate him. Plus Jace really wasn't that attractive but that could have been because she didn't appreciate guys like that. 

So to tear herself away from the awkward situation and the troubling thoughts she had Evie looked down upon the mass of weapons. There were swords and swords and you guessed it more swords. Well, Evie knew they had special names and they were not just swords but they looked boring. She had weapon training as a stint to see what cool stuff she could do with her body, and the sword was boring. She prefered batons or a bo staff as they were slightly heavier and more fun to play around with.

The boys were once again arguing and Evie had just about had enough with the testosterone-fueled spits. Honestly, they either needed to hit one another or eat each other's faces. There was no in between in her mind. It also had to happen relatively fast as otherwise she'd lock them in a small room and wait for one of the two options to happen. As they argued she looked towards her twin and drunk her appearance in. For it always seemed to be the way that she could easily tell when something wasn't right. It was also then that she realised just how much the last couple of days had impacted her normally only slightly stressed sister. The slight amount of stress had turned into much more it was more like a high amount of stress which was slowly eating away at her sister kinda like an infection of some kind. 

"I gotta go... I'll see you at dawn" Alec had started to leave and this was when Evie saw her break. She was not going to voluntarily stay behind with the two somethings more like weird straight people. No, she'd rather go with her fellow gayke and do what she does best, annoy everyone. 

"Yo' Alec my man, my dude"  Evie hollered as she chased after the moody man. She had given a cheeky wave to her sister before streaking off like some knock-off version of the flash. 

"What could you possibly want?" He questioned in response. Evie could hear the annoyance already rising in his voice and decided to make it her mission to see how high that annoyance would get. 

"Do you mind if I tag along to go to the institute the amount of awkward flirting I'm seeing is making me feel sick? Actually, you don't really get much of a say in it I'll tag along either way because I am not spending another moment around that." Evie kinda blurted in a fashion that would be considered fast by others but she could tell the lightwood boy could understand. 

Alec huffed in response and the two walked in almost silence. It was not the kind of completely comfortable silence but more of a quiet slightly awkward silence of two people who barely knew one another. 

"So dude, you and Jace huh?" Evie questioned watching the boys features carefully. She watched as his facial expressions changed not just once but twice. The first time it changed to something she might have considered slight admiration to then a face of shock. 

"We're parabatai nothing more nothing less" He had repsonded rather brashly

"I've heard you use that word parabooty twice now I don't know what it means and quite frankly I know you're lying. Like its chill and all if you want to stay in the closet but I fell like your ones of those who are in the closet but don't really want to be y'know. Like you either have only one foot in or like one foot out trying to draw attention to your hatred of being in the closet. Are shadowhunters against all this because I so cannot continue on this life pack if so." Evie watched as Alec stopped walking and turned towards her.

"Wait, you too?" 

"Yeah dude, have you not seen me check out every woman we have come in contact with. Like one of those vampire kidnappers, man was she fit but she had to be evil and dead already." 

Evie then jumped onto explain all of the hot shadowhunters she'd seen around the institute as Alec talked about the hot guys he had seen. 

It felt like only moments later that the two had reached the institute. Evie thought they were being more like the cool ninjas they were as they snuck around the back and into the weapons room. Her eyes lit up like it was Christmas as she stumbled upon a set of batons at the back.

They were built from a form of carbon alloy and were incredibly light with a unique set of grips she could hold onto. Each one was around eight or so inches long and made a cool clinking nose when she hit them upon something. It was also then that she discovered that they fit together to make a staff and she was sold. No matter what she did these babies were gonna be hers. She'd resort to stealing if possible. 

By the time she had come out from the hidy hole of weapons stealing that she realised that the weird training guy was stalking away from Alec. Obviously, they had some sort of heart to heart as Alec suddenly looked really determined. 

"Izzy's text me lets get going"

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