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December 23

The previous night ended uneventfully with a scarily silent dinner to end the night before everyone headed to their own quarters for the rest of the evening. In the morning Harry woke up early to use the bathroom, but before he could even think of making the decision to lie back down, he heard the fireplace flare to life in the living room. Within seconds there was a house elf in their bedroom looking surprised and sheepish all at once in a way he was sure only house elves were capable of.

"Visitors for Master Harry Potter. Them says them needs to see you urgently sir."

Draco, who had been up reading a bit before Harry had began to stir, snorted out a laugh when his husband threw a mini stomping fit before throwing on a pair of pajama bottoms, promptly turning around and storming to down the stairs with angry mutters:"Of course they need to see me urgently. I'm a sodding blimp in a house full of stairs, but of course they couldn't just bloody call me, they needed to see me. I swear to Merlin I can never just-"

"Thank you, Kizzy. I'm going to join him. Would you mind making sure the boys are up and getting ready for breakfast?"

"It'd be Kizzy's pleasure, sir," said the excitable elf with a bow, being sure to keep a tight grip on her soft pink speckled knitted cap. Once she had disappeared with a resounding pop, Draco made his way down the stairs calmly before freezing at the bottom step when he caught sight of unmistakably ginger red hair. He took a deep breath before taking the last step and walking next to his still stunned husband and placing a hand on his lower back.

"Are you alright, love?" he said into his ear, snapping the ravenette out of the daze he had found himself in. Harry looked at him quickly with eyes that screamed help me and Draco blew out a breath through his nose. "That would be a no then." He turned to the couple in front of him with a sneer and a raised eyebrow before leading Harry to the armchair nearest the fireplace then turning back to them with crossed arms, but a sneer still in place. "Did either of you actually need anything? Or maybe the plan was just to send my husband into shock?"

"Well we- uh- How's Scorpius?" Hermione said, always the bravest of the two of them.

"He's fine, thank you. Is that all? He's grounded, but his well being is safe if that is all you came to inquire about."

She nodded, but opened her mouth a few times while trying her best to look anywhere but at them. Ron was staring wide eyed at Harry's stomach, mouth gaping like a fish. It had been a while since they had seen each other to say the least. The Granger-Weasleys had been there for the wedding, of course they were, they had been Harry's best friends; Harry was the godfather of their children, but the darker man still hadn't gotten around to completely forgiving himself for what the frizzy-haired woman in front of them had put him through. He had tried. Merlin knows how hard he'd tried to.  

Draco was taken back to their honeymoon in the beach house when Harry had dropped in the middle of the kitchen while making breakfast to sob. The three of them had been friends for so long and even though the ceremony had gone smoothly he could tell the relationship between them all was tense. He couldn't just talk to Ron all the time, like things were normal because he was married to Hermione which meant the ravenette would have to see her again and he just hadn't been ready for that. Sure he had called him for help in class now and then, and Harry of course helped watch the kids, but if anything he avoided the Granger-Weasleys like the black plague. Now with those two standing in their living room around a Christmas tree that mimicked the last time (other than the wedding) where they had all been on good terms, he could tell it was tearing him apart.

"Listen, Mate," Ron started, looking at Harry. "We really are happy for you, alright. I was just surprised you didn't tell us, then I remembered you and 'Mione weren't talking and I actually had to drag her over here, because she thought one of you were going to hex her on site."

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