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Harry was laying down a sleeping Anita with a contented sigh before noticing her sister, who had been sleeping just before, wasn't in her crib and he let out a terrified yet nervous little shriek. He closed his eyes while tilting his head back and pinching the bridge of his nose. When he slowly peeled his eyelids apart he was staring at a still sleeping but floating Lyra.

He grabbed her from the air and laid her back into the crib before sliding his wand from his sleeve holster and placing a protective spell on both girls and their cribs so they couldn't get much higher than a few inches if they did happen to float again.

Call Molly. Ask Hermione. Call Molly Ask Hermione. Call Molly. Ask Hermione. Call Molly. Ask Hermione. Call Molly. Ask Herm-

He is sitting back and wondering why in the name of Godric no one decided to tell him babies could float when Ron shows up at his front door instead of through the floo and Harry tiredly raises his eyebrows.

"'Ey Harry, mind if I hide out here for a bit. Few days at the most," he says, nervously smiling with a suitcase bobbing in the air behind him. "Few hours at the least..."

"Uh sure, Ron," asked Harry stepping aside to let his friend in and closing the door behind him. "What happened?"

"'Mione has gone bloody bonkers is what's happened. It's just...'Mione has been trying for this new job promotion so she has to focus on work and- my family in't really big on contraceptive spells and stuff, ya know? And we were both drunk and having a bit of a nice time-"

"The point, Ron, before the girls wake up." Again, Harry adds mentally, trying to help his friend along.

"Hermione is pregnant again and she's mad at me. Says it's my fault. And I was thinking that since you're not back at work yet, I figured I'd stay with you for a day or two until she calms down and we can discuss everything."

"You know my door is always open, Ron," the darker man says, patting his friends shoulder. "My house is your house and all that, but if 'Mione comes looking for you, you're on your own."

"Of course," he laughs. "I wouldn't expect you to take the fall for me."

"Congratulations, Mate," Harry finally says, smiling at his friend before pulling him into a hug.


"Have you been able to contact Mr. Potter yet, Mr. Malfoy?" asks Minerva McGonagall staring at Draco over the rim of her glasses while also handing him a canister of biscuits.

"I have," he replied carefully before grabbing a few biscuits and sitting down in the seat across from her desk.

"And?" she inquires, waving her wand and sending a cup of tea in his direction.

"He isn't coming back this school year. He wants to wait until the girls are a bit older before moving back into the castle." Draco agreed with the decision, of course he did, it was a good one, he just wished Harry would have told him this before so he wouldn't be sat in front of the headmistress looking like a sodding fool. McGonagall only nodded and nibbled at her own biscuit.

"Do you think he would want to teach remotely?"

"Is- Would that be possible?"

"The charms aren't too hard. We could easily have the door to the defense classroom connected to the manor. They would be transported from here to there and back the same way, once class is over. It would be a more hands-on approach, but I feel like that's more your husband's speed anyway." When McGonagall finally took the chance to look at him again he was grinning in a way he can't exactly remember.

"He'd love that. When can he start?" the blonde asks giddily, sitting forward in his chair.

"Well if he agrees, we can have the spellwork done within the next few days and he could probably start working by Monday." A smile works its way onto her face when she adds the next part. "I'm sure you would have to go home as well to assist with picking which rooms to allow students into."

"I'll prepare to talk to him first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you, Professor," said Draco not realizing he had stood until his hand was on the door handle.

"Anytime, Mr. Malfoy."


"Do you think he's going to come back," Scorpius said nervously to a seemingly uninterested Teddy.

"Maybe," the blue-haired boy shrugged. "He loves it here. Hogwarts is like his first home or whatever. He isn't going to just give it up, because of the twins. He'll figure something out, or he'll just take time off 'til the Anita and Lyra are older, you know?"

"I just- I need advice," said Scorpius after nodding his understanding.

"Is it about your whole 'Secret Polyamory' thing? 'Cause if it is, I heard Dads discussing it over break and I would say just tell Nick and Hugo and get it over with." When Scorpius didn't answer right away Teddy looked up from where he was writing a Transfiguration essay. "Was I not supposed to know?"

"I-I- uh- just shut up." The younger boy was blushing, much like his father, to the tips of his ears before looking away out of the window to the left of them in the library. Teddy let the boy gather up his thoughts. "I don't know how to tell them, is all. I don't know what to say, you know? D-do I tell them I want to see both of them? Do I ask if we could all hang out together? Do I explain first?"

"Why not just, ya know, say it?" asks Teddy as if it were the easiest thing in the world. "Just say you're polyamorous or whatever and tell them you like both of them and you want to try being with them, but you understand if they don't want to." He shrugs. "I don't see what's so hard about it. Just use your words, bro. Now if that's it, I have a 12 inch essay on the right and wrong ways to transfigure living creatures."

"Uh- yeah, thanks, Ted."

"No problem, Scorp. That's what older siblings are for, right? Now leave me alone, goof."


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