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Christmas Day: 12:00pm

As Teddy and Scorpius both opened the last of their gifts they ran around the room to throw their arms around any and everyone present for a hug. Scorpius with a lot more patience and Malfoy grace than his hufflepuff brother. Both Narcissa and Lucius were awestruck when the boys smacked into them for hugs. Lucius patted each of their heads and Narcissa kissed their foreheads. It had become something of second nature, really.

Scorpius had received potion ingredients and wand cleaner and books galore- all things Draco would have been confused about had he not known how curious and ready to learn his son was. Teddy had gotten journals and a 2,000 galleon quill set, not to mention all the brooms and quidditch gear they both got to share. It was clear that the boys were loved.

When it was time for dinner, Arthur and Lucius were each sat on opposite ends of the table, the rest of the two (extended) families dispersed in between them. As soon as everyone was seated there was a distinguishing pop and the table was covered in an array of food.

"The food looks great, Harry," George said, not looking up from his empty plate. He seemed more reserved today and it was the only time he had talked all afternoon.

Those of them around the table who knew where the dinner really came from, snorted while Draco huffed indignantly.

"Draco, Molly, and Narcissa were the ones who made dinner, actually. I got better at cooking, sure, but not this good," said Harry through a chuckle. He looked over at his husband and smiled, placing a hand on his stomach as a quick pain caused him to shift positions in his seat. His comment made George's head snap up.

"Malfoy can cook?" He seemed to gasp before a small smile slid onto his freckled face and he glanced down for a moment before looking back up with wet eyes at the slightly blushing blonde. "I owe Fred 5 knuts." He chuckled which almost immediately turned to laughter with tears streaming down his face. Angelina rubbed his back with a sad smile of her own. "I've been sort of a buzzkill, yeah?"

"Didn't think you were going to figure it out," Ginny said tossing a biscuit at him.

"We know you miss him," Percy said quietly, but it seemed like a shout in the quiet afterwards, not looking away from his glass of iced tea. Harry knew Percy thought it should have been him that died instead of his brother. Sure he had been doing the right thing, but he had thought Fred had more to live for.

"We all miss him," Ron added, being very un-Ron-like by trying to stare his older brother in the eye. No one really looked directly at George since then, especially during holidays, and it had been more than 10 years. The only exceptions were Ginny, Charlie and the kids who didn't know they were supposed to be missing his other half- mourning his face. The lone twin took a deep breath through his nose and looked around at his family who were all making a point to look back.

"Stop being so dramatic, you lot. We're here, because it's Christmas and our boy is round as a bludger! Not to mention it just hasn't been Christmas at our house without— Harry." He sent everyone a goofy smile and they all could hear Molly choke back a sob though there was a wide smile on her face, but no one questioned it. She deserved to have a good cry if she wanted. "No, let's eat!" George cheered good naturedly, before reaching forward and starting to fill Angelina's plate while she fixed plates for their kids.



"So, I'm sitting there, dragon dung dripping from my hair, a baby horntail wrapped around my shoulders, when I get a howler dropped just in front of me. I go to open it and it's from Mum, completely in a panic. 'Harry's pregnant!' she wouldn't stop bloody screaming," he said with a smile towards his mother and his adoptive raven-haired brother. "'What do we do!? We have to go over there! Don't come to the burrow we wont be here! Come straight to Malfoy Manor!' See it isn't as rare for blokes over there to get pregnant, they're more in tune with nature or something. I still didn't know what to do, I study the mating rituals of dragons, not wizards. But try telling her that in a panic, eh?"

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