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The sunlight streaming in the hospital wing first thing in the morning was probably one of Harry's most, yet least, favorite things.

The light was peaceful and always gave the room an iridescent glow as it came in through the panes of stained glass window that sat high in the peeks of the tower. It streamed through from one side to the other, making the room look imaginary. The door opened slightly, but Harry was still enraptured in his own thoughts.

Lost in the way he realized how it was always calming to see another day begin after the shittier one had passed, but it was also stressful to not be able to do anything while knowing that a new day was beginning.

He had sat in the hospital wing enough to know what needed proper bed rest and what did not. Sure he had never been pregnant before, but bed rest usually meant Poppy was at his side handing him potions as soon as he was finally able to peel his eye lids apart.

No Poppy? No potions? No Potter.

Draco walked in just as Harry was sitting up and throwing his legs over the side of the bed. The blonde aimed his wand and softly forced the man's body back into the bed.

"Unh, unh, unh," he said clucking his teeth. "You are not going anywhere."

"Draco, I'm fine," the messy haired man insisted, sitting back up and swinging his legs back over the side of the bed. He had to find food. He was feeling peckish.

"It's not you, I'm worried about this time."

Harry rolled his eyes lovingly and reached out for Draco's hands that he had tucked into his crossed arms. He pulled the blonde's hand to his stomach and held it there.

"We're fine." He was staring into his husband's grey eyes as he spoke. The taller man left his hand, but removed his gaze before mumbling.

"I just want to be sure."

"Awww," Harry cooed, reaching a hand up to playfully pinch Draco's cheek.

"If you weren't pregnant, I'd hex you into next week."

Just as Harry was about to retort a short, thin, pixie of a woman came teetering into the infirmary. She was asian, dressed in a warm orange dress with the pale blue robes of St. Mungos.

She stepped up to the table without any formalities and gestured for Draco to get out of the way. Once he had moved she performed a series of spells. Each one cast seemingly spontaneously, but each one weaving a cocoon of magic that wrapped around Harry and settled over his abdomen. She moved her wand in quick flicking motions that pulled at each thread individually which she then stepped closer to examine before moving to another and another and another. She stepped back with a sort of pride that said she enjoyed her worked before swishing her wand again and watching as the bundle of magic hardened and cracked away from harry like a twig cage breaking apart.

"Hello," she finally said reaching a hand out to each of them to shake in turn before offering a smile as well. "My name is Jean Harper and I will be your personal Healer and liason to the rest of the Male Pregnancy Ward at St. Mungos."

"Er...nice to meet you, Healer Harper," Harry supplied as Draco looked on rudely. He elbowed his husband.

"Yeah," said Draco watching her with narrowed eyes. "Delighted."

She doesn't pay him any attention, instead only looking at Harry.

"Mr. Potter, now that your womb is finally formed the fun part will begin." She looked a mix of giddy and insane and Draco was more than a little uncomfortable. Healer Harper waved her wand a few times before pulling out a series of pamphlets and handing them to the pregnant man, still seemingly ignoring his husband.

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