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Scorpius blinked his eyes open, but immediately knew he was not awake. He was standing in his father's study at the Manor and everything was absolutely too big.

He took a few wobbly steps forward and there was Astoria standing with a smile as she lifted Scorpius into the air with a smile before sitting him on her hip.

"Hello, little one, on another adventure are we?"

"No, Mama!" The small boy said happily, but Scorpius didn't remember deciding to speak. He blinked again and he wasn't a young boy, he was himself, just watching the memory.

"So what are you doing in there then, Hyperion?" his mother asked carrying him out of the room.

"Can'y," the boy replied quite seriously. "For the thing."

"The thing? What thing?" she sounded stunned.

"In my bed, Mama. Come see," little Scorpius said leaving no room for debate. She agreed and carried him into his room and pulled the covers back to reveal two very small baby kneazles who had wound themselves into a tightly knit ball together. She gasped and set Scorpius down before moving over to his bed and conjuring food in one hand and holding it out patiently for the small animals. They sniffed around for a minute before turning big smokey green eyes her way and tripping over themselves to get to her.

Once they were done the woman simply picked them up and took them outside to the garden to let them loose in the maze with young Scorpius chasing after.

The scene changes and Draco was helping her clean his bed before tucking the smallest blonde in. Draco ruffled his hair before brushing it back softly with a smile and his mother leaned in and kissed his forehead. The small boy huffed then covered his mother's mouth with his hand.

"No. No kisses, Mama." He said sternly. "'M'not tired." Astoria nodded obligingly but older Scorpius could see that she was just trying to keep a straight face as her lips quirked into a semblance of a smile.

Scorpius blinks tiredly and when he slowly opens his eyes again he's in the infirmary and realizes belatedly how late it is before also noticing that tears are rolling down his cheeks. He wiped his face and turned over pulling the small blanket over him higher before noticing that there was a quilt laying at the foot of the bed that he was sure was a gift from a Weasley. He grabbed the quilt and rolled over, before going back to sleep with a soft sigh.

The next time he awoke it was midday and he was watching his father being escorted from the infirmary by Madam Pomfrey.

"Either you will behave, or you will leave, Mr. Malfoy," she was giving him the same look she gave students, that look that dared you to disagree. His father, ever the graceful coward, did not disagree.

"I'll wait in the corridor."

She narrowed her eyes at him only for a second before responding and ushering him back into the room.

"He's just as nervous as you are, if not more. This is a big announcement and he wants you there for it, but you can't go around disrespecting St. Mungo's staff."

For the first time Scorpius realized she was referring to his papa and looked around the hospital wing until he noticed a curtain pulled around an area a few beds down. Then almost shockingly he realized that things were going to change soon. His papa being pregnant was one thing, but soon he wasn't going to be, there was going to be a baby in the family. A baby in his family. He sat up way too fast and had to sit back slightly dizzy.


Harry sat on the side of the bed tapping his thumbs against the top of his round front with a small smile until Healer Harper gave him a pointed look. He set his arms by his side as she waved her wand over him and Draco returned to stand by his side.

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