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Teddy was walking carefully behind his girlfriend. Elle's eyes were covered completely by his hands and she couldn't stop giggling.

"Can you at least tell me where we're going?" she said still laughing and only received a kiss on the check in response.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I just told you!" the blue haired boy responded excitably in a sing-song voice. He had been trying his hardest to force himself to see her. To see the way she used to look, with her pointed ears and choppy hair and dark brown freckles. The way her blush would make them look less like tiny specks of brown and more like stars, glittering across her cheeks. It didn't matter though. It wouldn't stick. He'd blink or sigh with relief or yawn and her image would shimmer and change and fade and once again he was staring at someone who was Elle, but not quite.

"I hate surprises," the girl pouted and as much as Teddy wanted to deny it, she looked adorable. He had her amulet in his pocket and when they reached a good enough point he had her stop, with her eyes still closed and placed the necklace on her. "And you know I hate this thing too."

"You have to wear it, Elle. For your surprise," he added, scrubbing at the back of his neck even though she couldn't see him. She nodded with her eyes still closed and he let out a sigh of relief as her features slowly softened back into her own, before placing his hands back over her eyes. "It'll be great. Promise."

They walked a little further, until they were standing in the courtyard, which had been strung up with fairy lights and banners and streamers and the like. There were crackers, taped together from Christmas, and a table fashioned out of stone blocks, covered in snacks and and drinks.

"SURPRISE!" yelled the rest of their class once they had finally entered the room and Teddy dropped his hands. There were kids their age, like her friends from Gryffindor and his from Hufflepuff, but Scorpius had also come and dragged along a few kids from Slytherin, because he still wasn't quite on speaking terms with Nick and Natalie, though they made it with a few other Ravenclaws as well. She turned to him with a soft smile and huge watering eyes.

"This may seriously be the best surprise I've ever gotten. Thanks, Ted."

And he knew couldn't tell her that all he could think about at that moment was the fact that Victoire Weasley was leaning on one of the walls talking to some of the older girls who came with Scorp from Slytherin.

"Happy Birthday, Elle."


The rest of spring passes in much of the same fashion. It's with a flash that summer begins inching it's way towards Hogwarts.

"Can- er...Can Elle come home with us for break?" Teddy asks two weeks before they're due to start packing up and heading out.

"You're not having sex with your sisters in the house," Harry said, not disagreeing, but also in a tone of voice that was almost a warning and Draco nodded sagely. "Wait until their old enough to properly be disgusted by the prospect."

"I don't care either way. I just hope you two are using precautions. Muggle and Magical. You can never be too protected," the blonde adds.

"Holy Merlin," Teddy said dropping his fork astonished before looking over at Scorpius, who had been almost eerily quiet over the last few days. "Please tell me we are not having the safe sex talk at dinner."

"If you can't talk about it," his father countered. "You shouldn't be doing it."

"We've only done it once and we were safe," he sputtered. "I promise. Bought muggle condoms and everything. Can we be done with this now?" It was for his birthday. He had cried, of course he had, because she had come in looking just like Victoire and he couldn't help but to cry. He didn't want his first time to be with Victoire. He wanted it to be with Elle. His girlfriend. The one he... They were still working on the big L word. She understood, because of course she did, and that only made him start crying worse. When they had finally done it, he was sputtering an apology and she was wearing her necklace. He watched almost meticulously as they peeled each layer of clothing off of each other. He hasn't seen her as Vic since. He looks down at his plate and smiles softly.

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