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As the rest of February came and went, Scorpius and Olivia became practically inseparable after his little incident in the corridor near the the dungeons. She was witty and wasn't afraid to do or say whatever she wanted. He thought that it was a pretty nice change from the yes, sir manners of a lot of the ravenclaws.

When Harry saw them passing his door he laughed and called Draco from the nursery to come see.

"It looks like you and Pansy," he said in explanation.

"Oh shut up, it does not. She looks more like Milicent."


"Do you know another woman with a hideous name like that?" Draco looked taken aback as if that would destroy their marriage immediately, newborns not withstanding. The ravenette snorted at that and almost died from laughter when Draco actually left the room to find out if the girl was Pansy and Milicent's potion-born lovechild.

"Scorpius!" Draco said trying not to chase after his son all afternoon. "And friend."

"Olivia," said the girl.

"I don't care?" he responded, more like a question as if he was confused as to why she was telling him. "Is your mother Milicent Bulstrode?"

"It's Milicent Taylor, now, Professor," she said with her arms crossed, giving him a challenging look.

"I thought she-"

"Snapped her wand and married a muggle? She did."

"I was going to say renounced magic, but sure," he said, taking on the same challenging tone and stance. Scorpius thought for sure that it looked more terrifying on his father, maybe because he had years of practice, but Olivia didn't look bothered by it at all. She only shrugged.

"Didn't stick."

"Then she had no real reason to miss my wedding, did she? I'll send her an owl with my regards." Draco turned and made his way back towards his husbands classroom.

"She'll throw it out just as soon as she reads your name!"

"I wouldn't expect anything less," he says still not turning around. The door closed behind him with finality and she growled.

"I hate bloody Slytherins."

"Uh- aren't you a slytherin?" said Scorpius, not quite sure if what was going on.

"Exactly. Which is why I can say that and you can't. Keep up, Malfoy." She spun on the balls of her feet and continued in the direction they were originally headed.


"Do you think they're dating?" Nick asks Rose as he and his sister sit with her at a corner table in the library. He hasn't taken his eyes off of Scorpius and Olivia in the opposite corner, huddled together reading over some book on ancient spells and language. Rose rolls her eyes, but doesn't look up from her parchment.

"Scorp is gay," she said through a sigh, as if Nick had forgotten.

"Well I know that, but-"

"Do you have a problem with Scorp?" she said finally looking up at him angrily.

"W-what? No! Why would I-" He yelped and Madam Pence was there in seconds to tell him to quiet down.

"You've been acting like a prat to him and now you're moping around and judging him because he's made a new friend. Get over yourself Nick." She slammed her book shut and rolled up her parchment before stuffing it in her bag. She looked over at Natalie and blushed before saying goodbye to her as well.

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