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The the ravenclaws sighed heavily as they walked down the path towards their rides back to the train then to their homes.

The last few days of school were tiring in their endlessness and Scorpius couldn't for the life of him figure out how to make the time move any quicker. So when he had finished packing and it was finally time to leave he was hoping his best friends would help pass the time too, but it isn't until they're waiting by the carriages that Natalie actually starts talking.

"It's like we've been waiting all year for this break and now that it's here..." she shrugs. "I don't even know if I want to go home."

"You're parents are fighting again?" Scorpius asks, but he already knows the answer. Nick hasn't smiled properly in weeks and Nat is only talking in small bursts. Whenever their parents start arguing they would get brought into it with letters and firecalls from relatives. Natalie shrugs again. He supposed they thought their kids were always supposed to be able to just fix everything with magic.

"The life of having squibs as parents, eh?"

"What're your plans for break, Scorp?" Nick asks changing the subject with a small smile, though it doesn't quite reach his eyes.

"No plans really. Just us at the manor. I think my grandparents are coming over, but that isn't until Christmas Eve."

"What- uh- You said you had a boyfriend right? Ro's brother? What about him?" He said it nonchalantly, but his shoulders were tense. Scorpius blushed and looked away.

"Hugo? I-I mean, he may come over, but our parents aren't on the best of terms so..." His voice cracked only slightly and he looked at Natalie for a way out.

"Yeah, we get it. Send us an owl and we may just pop by for a bit. Put a little life back into your ol' manor, yeah?" she was smirking as she spoke but the way her blue eyes glistened he knew she really hoped he would.

"The manor is huge," the small blonde mumbles shyly with red cheeks. "I mean I have my own entire wing. I forgot you guys hadn't even seen it yet. I swear if my dads thought they could get away with it they would keep you the entire holiday."

"Wait," Nick says cutting his laugh short when Scorpius doesn't laugh along with him. "You're serious? I've seen you wear the same sweater for a solid week and now you're telling me you're some pompous rich kid?"

"Well, my father had his own money set aside so when the ministry took Malfoy funds for war reparations we were still pretty fine for cash, and my papa is also kind of rich..." The boy was almost whispering as his friends looked at him in surprised.

Nick was cooking on his own spit so Natalie had to respond.

"It's like we knew that objectively, but never connected the dots to you, you know?" she motioned to him excitedly before trying to better get her point across. "Like sure, Professor Potter is like The-Boy-Who-Lived, but he's just our dorky pregnant professor and like your dad. It's almost impossible to see him as a kid who fought this big bad evil."

"We have a rich best friend, Nat. Why have we not been taking advantage of this before now?" asks Nick jokingly before cautiously throwing an arm over Scorpius' shoulder.

"Maybe because he's such a good person," she said from the other side of the blonde with a smile.

"No," her brother responds looking into Scorpius' eyes getting suddenly serious. "I don't think that's it." Scorpius looks away and the dark haired girl reaches over to smack the back of her brother's head.

"Stop being weird, Nick."

Scorpius sends her a small thankful smile and Nick coughs out a laugh just as Teddy joins them holding hands with Elle, but making heart eyes at Victoire. His girlfriend huffs out her own version of a laugh that causes him to snap back with a soft smile of his own.

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