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Ron and Harry were each waving their wands to ensure that the chalkboard was connected to the wall and wouldn't fall off under any circumstances. One of Harry's fourth years had a habit of blowing up more things than Seamus ever did. They had already fixed up the adjoining second nursery and emergency floo as well as making sure the bathroom was fully equipped before the students arrived.

"Are you ready for this, mate?" asked Ron, handing Harry one of the twins and patting him on the shoulder before picking up the other one. They walked together back into the second nursery before laying the girls in their cribs.

"As ready as I'll ever be, I guess. And I mean, there are house elves here to fix bottles and change diapers during lessons and I'll be there for feeding and burping and everything." He nodded to himself as if reassuring himself weren't strange. "It's going to be fine."

"Of course it is," agreed Ron just as an owl flew through the only open window. It dropped a letter at the redhead's feet and flew off again. He blanched as he looked down at the envelope. He didn't get a chance to run before the howler opened it's flap and began shrieking.

Ronald Billius Weasley,

You can't just hide out at Harry's or the Burrow whenever we have an argument! How are we supposed to get through it if you just pack up and leave? Just because it works for Draco Malfoy does not mean it will work for you! You have 30 minutes after this message ends to get back home or you can pick a room and bloody live with the Malfoy-Potters for the rest of your life!

Hermione Jean

"I've uh- actually grown quite fond of the paisley bedroom," Ron says looking like he was going to be sick.

"Go home, Ron," Harry says still laughing his arse off at Hermione's use of Ron's full name.

"Oi, it isn't funny, mate. She'd hang me by my bullocks just as soon as hug me to death, with the way her moods are."

"I told you I wasn't going to get in the middle of it, now go home."

"You always side with her," the pale but freckled man said sulkily, moving into the hall and up the stairs to pack his things.

"It's mostly out of self preservation and cowardice."

"What kind of Gryffindor are you?" shouted Ron teasingly, from the upper level.

"One who married a Slytherin," he yelled back.

"Oi, a disgrace if ever I heard one," said the redhead in response and Harry couldn't help but laugh.

It was nice having his best friend around for the past few days. Even though Ron had been working, when he came home he always had a new story to tell about some coworker and it helped Harry notice how hidden away Hogwarts and the Manor were. He and Draco rarely went anywhere besides home or work because they had no need to. The grocery and toiletries restocked themselves, and anything that broke could be easily fixed. Some weekends when they were both off they'd head to the Burrow for dinner, but other than that, they had become so sheltered.

"Don't forget to tell 'Mione congratulations from me, okay?" he said, patting Ron's shoulder and helping him lift and balance his luggage in the air, once he had come back down the stairs.

"Wouldn't dream of it," he responds easily before pausing. "Uh...Harry?"

"Yeah, Ron?"

"Thank you for letting me stay here. I know you have a lot going on and-"

"Don't worry about it. You were a huge help with the girls. I knew next to nothing about magically inclined babies or whatever. I'd been meaning to call your mom or Hermione about it anyway."

"They are my god-daughters, mate. You've done more than enough for Rose and Hu, you know? Just doing what's right. Just- thanks again, yeah?"

Harry nodded at his best friend before watching as the man ambled down the path away from the Manor until he was across the gates and could disapparate freely. He let out a breath then yelped when the clock chimed as a signal for his first class. He took another deep breath before walking into what was essentially going to be his classroom for the rest of the year. He was sitting at his newly constructed desk at the front of the room when he heard students start to mill around the door.

It was strange, knowing he wasn't at Hogwarts, but feeling like he was all the same. He smiled.

"Seven hells," said the first first year student who stumbled in. "This is not the defense classroom."

"Sorry to say it isn't, but it will be for the rest of the year," Harry says, looking up with a smile. He almost cried at the sheer happiness reflected on the child's face.

"Professor Potter!" screamed the girl happily. She yanked open the door again and it was Harry's first time catching a glimpse of the Hogwarts corridors since before Christmas break. If he wiped away a tear, that was his business. "Guys! Look, it's Professor Potter!"

"Nice try, Sam, but we all know Professor Potter isn't coming back, Professor Malfoy said so," answered a darker boy with braids. Harry stood and made his way over to the door and motioned for Sam to take a seat, but instead se wrapped him up in a hug that almost had him sobbing before finding a place to sit.

"Professor Malfoy was right," Harry said holding open the door and breathing in that brisk school air. "I'm not coming back to Hogwarts, at least not any time soon, but that doesn't stop me from being your professor, does it Travis?"

"No, sir," the boy said with an ecstatic grin that was mirrored on almost every face he saw as they entered the classroom. Once everyone was seated, Harry closed the door and explained the rules of HLDE or Hogwarts Level Distance Education (Hermione and Draco came up with the name). When he was sure they got it he leaned back against the desk, throwing one leg comfortably over the other and crossed his arms.

"Well then," he says with a shrug. "First day here, we aren't going to be doing much. What've I missed?" He sent a lopsided grin their way and they broke into choruses of:

It was terrible without you, professor! and We missed you so much, Professor!

He smiled at them and snorted when one girl in the neck yelped out something along the lines of: You're not round any more, sir!

"No," the messy haired man agreed. "I am decidedly not round anymore." Another girl raised her hand and Harry points at her.

"Was it just gas then, professor?" He snorts at that but shakes his head.

"It was not just gas," he responded with a chuckle and as if on cue, and Harry couldn't have planned it if he tried, the twins started crying from the adjoining nursery. He looked around at all the young awed faces and pushed himself away from the desk, making a split second decision. He started walking towards the door leading to the girls, but when everyone else remained seated he turned to them with a questioning smile. "Well? C'mon then."

With glee the students stood and placed themselves into a single file line and followed him into the huge second nursery to meet his daughters.


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