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Teddy was rushing down the hall, towards the Hufflepuff common room. Dad had said everything would be fine. He just needed to calm down. He stepped towards the entrance of the common room and tapped against the barrel. When the door finally opened he almost tripped trying to speed his way into the space. His slight trip didn't go unnoticed.

"Where ya been, Ted?" asked Julia, a first year. She was a small, bubbly elfish girl with huge brown eyes, short wavy brown hair and a scar running from one cheek to the other just across her nose. Her bangs fell loosely across her forehead and she stared up at him with concern. Both of her parents had been Slytherins. Her father had been killed a month before school started.

"Uh..." Teddy responded eloquently as he tried to calm his mind and place the things he knew about her in a kind of mental folder. It was harder for him to focus when he was upset. His mind would still be speeding along, but everything else just moved too slow!

"Teddy? Are you okay?" asked Julia. He noticed they were the only two in the common room. He nodded to himself. Everyone was probably at dinner or in bed early.

"Yeah. I'm fine, Julia." He smiled at her and she narrowed her eyes at him in a way that said she didn't believe any of it.

"So why is everything moving so fast?"

"Why is- what are you talking about?"

She narrowed her glazed over eyes at him and he was struck almost immediately with the fact that Julia was blind. His aura, he realized. His entire being was so upset that even his aura was rushing to just hide away and cry.

"So...are you going to tell me what's going on?" She tilted her head to one side, listening for a response.

"It's just some family stuff," he said at last. "Nothing major. My parents and- my brother..." He scoffed and rolled his eyes, but he felt the stray tear finally fall. Great, he thought to himself. He had been keeping all the anger and fear trapped inside and now it was going to come bursting out in the common room. He spared a look at Julia who gave him a soft smile that reminded him creepily of his Aunt Luna.

"Sometimes it's better to cry when no one can see you, right?" She took a few tentative steps forward until her nose practically touched the middle of his chest and she pulled him into a hug before leading him to one of the corner cushions in the room. Beside the chair was a small table full of pastries and he exhaled shakily. "I do have a question," she said sounding a lot more like the 11 year old she was.

"Shoot," Teddy responded somewhat quietly sitting back and pulling a plate of ginger biscuits into his lap.

"I...well I thought you're parents were dead. It's just- well my grandma told me before school started. She told me about anybody she knew. She said she used to know your mum..."

Teddy nodded slowly. He wasn't sure how Julia interpreted her surroundings. Maybe she actually could see him nodding.

"No, yeah. You're right. My biological parents are dead. I still have- uh had- my mum's mum. My Gam helped raise me before. But my godfather and his husband adopted me. It's kind of a long story."

"Oh, that was nice of them. How do they feel about you being away to school?"

"I wouldn't know. They're professors here. You seriously didn't know that?"

"First years aren't given info-packets on familial connections in Hogwarts, you know." Her sarcasm was refreshing and Teddy couldn't help but laugh.

"I suppose you're right. Not to mention the name thing is too complicated, but they said it would make things easier." He shook his head. "It doesn't help. Professor Potter and Malfoy are my adoptive parents."

"Those two goofs?" she laughed and did a rooting gesture with her hands. "Some of the first years were betting to see when they would come out of the closet or admit they were in love with each other. I tried to tell them it was obvious with the news and-"

"That betting pool is a year or so too late," Teddy snorted. She lightly shoved his shoulder.

"Shush. They don't know that."

"We're alone!" He was really laughing now and she smiled softly. He ran over what she said again and stopped. "What news?"

"Professor Potter is pregnant," she said shrugging as if it wasn't a big deal. "If I wasn't already blind the glow coming off of his double aura would have done it. Tell him congratulations."


"Call me Jules." He nodded at her still trying to speak.

"Yeah, sure. Jules, who else knows that my dad's uh- that he's uh-"

"Pregnant?" she shook her head. "It doesn't seem like any of the students or the teachers know. I think Madam Pomfrey might only because his glow is so bright so he has to be on vitamins, you know?"

Teddy nodded, but stood.

"Thank you for talking to me, Jules."

"You're the cool one," she said jokingly. "Thank you. I'm glad I could make you feel better, though."

"Yeah, I am too." He rubbed her hair in a brotherly manner before kissing her on the forehead. "See ya, Jules." She laughed as he sped out of the common room. She felt the floor vibrate gently as he tripped yet again.

"Later, Ted."

Just as he ran out of the common room he was knocked back by a slightly smaller and thinner body. He looked down into red-rimmed eyes and tear stained cheeks. Scorpius was sniffling and scuffing his foot against the floor between them as he stepped back and regained his balance.

"I-I-I'm sorry for y-yelling at you earlier. I was angry a-and scared and fr-frustr-strated and I-" he took a deep breath. "I should have handled it better. You've always been so nice to m-me and-" he shook his head as more tears streamed down his face.

"It's okay, Scorp. Families argue. We're cool, but I found out what they were hiding."

Scorpius looked up with huge terrified grey eyes.

"Is papa going to be okay?"

In that moment Teddy was transported to years ago when he was trying to read bedtime stories to a tiny five year old Scorpius that didn't like to look at the pictures in Beetle the Bard and hated the Tale of the Three Brothers, because although he could talk about it, death still freaked him out. He didn't have to think for long until he yanked the younger boy into a hug.

"He's going to be fine, Scorp," he rushed to say. "There's nothing wrong. It's actually a good thing."

"What's a g-good thing," Scorpius asked, though his voice was thick.

"Pop is pregnant. His hormones have just been all wacky."

The small blonde pulled away.

"Really!?" he asked excitedly.


"We're going to have a little brother!"

"Or sister," shrugged Teddy. "And don't be so loud. I don't think they wanted anyone to know yet."

Scorpius almost immediately deflated.

"And I yelled at him for not telling us what was going on. I barely even gave him a chance to tell us. I'm such a brat."

"You aren't going to get an argument from me about that."

"Hey!" whined the younger boy while punching his brother in the arm. They both laughed, but there was an even more tightly bound ball of excitement and confusion within both of them. Their fathers had a lot of explaining to do.


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