Twelve: Until Next Time

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Delirious and dilatory, I could not believe my eyes. The words were caught in my throat, something that rarely happened to me. Rendered in silence, all I could do was remain frozen like a statue in my spot, staring up at the man of mystery. 

The shock overwhelmed my system, sourced from the sudden elicited warmth that skittered across my arms which were, moments before, shivering from the cold. Never in my entire life had any male affected me as strongly as the stranger in front of me that that fact alone had me believing I was gradually losing my sanity. 

My palms were beginning to feel clammy and I knew it wasn't because I just performed a few 100 meter dashes.

It must have been those eyes. They sparkled in amusement as they looked down at me with chilling calmness. Everything about him appeared relaxed.

"Miles," I finally greeted in an even tone. Inwardly, I was content with the confidence in my voice, contrasting with the haywire nerves buzzing inside of me. 

"Isabella," he replied smoothly, the corner of his lip daring to curl upward.

My fingers, lightly brushing my thighs, twitched at the sound of my full name. Nobody called me that anymore. Not since I was a five year old kid. My lips parted in an attempt at speaking, yet no sound came from my throat. Why did I follow him again?

Clearing my throat, I pulled myself together and snapped out of whatever compulsion his presence cast upon me. Before I could speak, he beat me to it. "Why were you following me?"

My arms crossed defensively over my chest in order to buy me some time in thinking about a suitable excuse. "I... wasn't."

There it was; that amused grin that didn't quite meet his eyes. "Nobody likes a liar." I shivered under the intense stare he sent my way. Like I was his prey and he was suddenly very hungry. 

"I'm not lying," I replied quickly, eyes narrowed.

"If you don't have anything to say, then I'm leaving." When I saw him begin to turn around, I panicked. 

"Wait!" I shouted, lunging forward to grasp his arm. The sudden warmth from his skin nearly sizzled my own. I pulled back as quickly as I had reached for it. His eyes were staring deep into mine, waiting. "Uh... Why were you running away from me?" Stupid, Ella.

A smirk played on his lips. "Your friends don't like me."

My eyes narrowed accusingly. "So, you led me away from them?"

"Yes." No hesitation, just simple honesty.

"Okay," I drawled. "I need answers," I finally spoke bluntly. "Answers I don't think any of my friends are willing to give me."

Matching my stance, he folded his arms, causing them to flex deliciously for my eyes to ogle. "Okay," he said. The sound of his deep voice convinced my eyes to stop devouring his body and, instead, focus on his eyes. "What do you want to know?"

I cleared my throat in a weak attempt to seem unaffected by this man. The truth is, I was compelled by his beauty. Or something else... It was complicated.

"Mel; what's her motive?"

My question seemed to annoy him, although I wasn't sure if it was because I brought up Mel or the question itself. "Mel does what she wants. Even if it hurts everyone around her. She took you out of town so nobody could detect her."

"Detect her?"

"Let's just say the authority around here is held on a tight leash."

I paused another moment, carefully wording my next question. "You, Zeke, Mel; are you guys a part of the wolf attacks?"

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