Three: Dangers of the Forest

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Before it could make contact with my car, another wolf flew through the air and collided into the brown wolf's body. It was my beast.

They began ripping at one another in a full-on battle. I was stuck between waiting it out to see if my beast remained safe, or getting the hell out of there and silently thanking him for saving my car; and me, of course.

In the end, my need for answers won out all reasoning. After years of being deprived of my savior, I needed him. If it meant endangering myself, then so be it. I'd been doing that for years. I wasn't about to stop anytime soon. Seeing him so close to me, I knew that it was paying off. He was here and that was all that mattered to me.

My beast was winning and that was another reason for me to want to stick around. He took one last bite into the flesh of the other and I watched as the brown wolf's body slunk to the ground, laying in its own pool of dark red blood.

My beast turned its head and looked at me with pleading eyes. When I saw him beginning to back away, I panicked and reached for my door handle. What stopped me was the growl he gave me. It was unlike any other sound he ever made in my presence. His lips curled back, his tuffs stuck up; he didn't want me to go to him.

For some reason, that realization caused my heart to crack in my chest. Yes, he was my savior, but he was also my biggest weakness. Even so, all I could do was watch him leave, causing my pride to dwindle into nothing.

The phone started ringing, yet my mind was buzzing with so many different things. Things that didn't include my nagging mother. "Hi, mom."

"Where are you?" I had to hold the phone away from my ear in order to preserve my good hearing. "It's almost nine. I know for a fact you heard about the curfew so get home now."

"I'm almost there," I lied easily. "I just got caught up with helping the teachers."

She scowled. "This never would have happened if you just behaved yourself in the first place."

My eyes peered through the darkness. The sight of the dead wolf left me feeling queasy. I figured I had to call someone about it, telling them I found it that way, of course. "Well, some of us have to learn the hard way."

"Just get home, Ella. Now."

"Got it. See you soon." I clicked the phone off. I was about to pull out of the parking lot until a knocking on my window caused me to shriek. Embarrassed, I turned to see who it was and rolled down the window. "Jesus, Carter. You scared the crap out of me."

There it was; that look in his eye that I already had figured out. There was something bothering him... immensely. "What are you doing here? Get home, Ella. Didn't I tell you about the curfew?"

I chuckled, despite the recent sting in my chest. "Woah. Calm down. I'm heading there now. And aren't you also breaking the curfew?"

Carter's eyes quickly flickered to the vicinity of the wolf, then back to me. He didn't think I saw it yet. "Just get home. Don't stop until you get there."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "You're scarily serious right now."

"Just do it," he demanded through clenched teeth.

"Fine. Fine. See you tomorrow, okay?"

"Yeah. Bye, Ella."

Carter didn't want me tosee the dead wolf that hid just beyond the light of the streetlamp. He didn't want me to see anything else hidden within the shadow.  In that very moment, I questioned my level of trust with the man I claimed to be my best friend. 

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