Seven: Saved

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Rendered speechless from the immediate captivation, all I could do was stare as though I'd lost my mind altogether.

The first thing that I noticed were those alluring eyes; they were light brown, almost to a shade of rare gold. A strong jawline outlined his tan face and full lips were pressed in a straight line. He had shaggy dark brown hair, messy in a sexy kind of way. I had to crane my neck in order to look up at him.

There was something about those eyes that was almost familiar to me.

"Sorry," I finally uttered after embarrassingly falling in a trance.

The man's lips slowly curved into a grin that barely met his eyes. "You're good," his deep voice sent a chill down my spine.


His eyes flickered to the stage and then back to me.

"Oh... right... thanks," I replied slowly after his hands left me.

I watched as he bent down in front of me, dangling something in front of my eyes. "You dropped this," he stated, his voice doing wonders to my insides.

My eyes flickered to the charm bracelet, almost forgetting I owned the thing. I did, however, notice it appearing slightly different than it usually looked. Maybe I'd stepped on it when I dropped it? Smiling, I took the bracelet from him and clasped it around my wrist. "Thanks."

I watched like a robot as the man turned away and headed back into the crowd of people. It was then that I noticed the rest of him. He was quite broad; I could see muscles flexing against a black t-shirt. I noticed a tattoo on his arm, although I couldn't see what it was. Once he was out of sight, I was quick to spin around and face a partly distracted Donovan. "Did you see that man's face? He was gorgeous."

Donovan arched an eyebrow. "You're starting to sound like Crystal."

"Please, tell me you saw."

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention."

I shook my head dismissively at him. "Anyway, as I was saying... What's going on with you and Kat?" I lightly tugged at his wrist as we both made our way through the festival. I was desperate to hide how frazzled I was by encountering that man. I'd never been won over by looks before but, deep down, I knew it was something more than that.

Now I'm sounding crazy.

My eyes studied Donovan's expression; it was usually impossible to tell what this guy was really feeling. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Sure, you do. You know, Kat; my very beautiful best friend. You can tell me."

"There's nothing going on."

I paused, deciding to let it go for now. "Okay. Whatever you say." My eyes scanned the row of vendors selling food. Inhaling through my nose, the delicious aroma took hold of my senses, eliciting a growl from my hungry stomach. "So, what are we feeling?"

"Whatever you want."

I sighed at Donovan's... flatness. I couldn't tell if I was boring him or not. Sure, he was a good guy and all... but a little life in him wouldn't hurt. "Mm. Well, I'm feeling a poutine. Want to split the veggie kind?"


After purchasing the poutine loaded with fresh veggies and a can of pop for each of us, we scouted out a free picnic table near the side of the street. Donovan's attention was elsewhere, so I placed mine on how delicious the food was. A distraction did, however, begin to irk me as an itching sensation arrived on the wrist that wore the charm bracelet. No matter how aggressively my nails scratched, the itch could not be settled. 

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