♦Before You Begin♦

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Hello, fellow readers!

This is book one of four of The Curse series.

My name is Alex! Welcome, whether you're a new reader or have already read the other version! By the way, this is the edited version. That being said, if you do notice any grammar mistakes, feel free to point them out. I'm only human and I am the only one editing these stories, so feel free to correct me!

Contrary to other werewolf stories, mates cannot be sought out by smell. Yeah, they have a scent, but they can't take a whiff in the air and be like 'MAATEE.' Not that I mind those stories because, not gonna lie, I read them all the time.

Anyway, mates are, more or less, 'sensed,' when nearby.


Sexual content: before, I had put that stuff into another book. This time, however, I'm going to add it into this story but in its own chapter. So, say one chapter ends as they're about to do the frickle frackle, then the next chapter will be entirely full of sexual content, then the NEXT chapter will be continuing on as normal. That sexual content chapter will be set to private and there will be a warning at the beginning of said chapter and a comment at the end of the previous chapter stating that the next one will be private.

Gosh, that makes no sense at all, does it?

I just wanted to make things easier for everyone. So, those who don't like reading those sorts of things can simply skip the entire chapter while those who do can continue with the flow of their reading rather than going through trouble trying to find the other book and just wasting precious time. (This is from personal experience, folks.)

Also, there will be gruesome scenes here and there. If they are too explicit and you think that chapter should be set to private, please let me know. I'm not really sure what is considered 'too far' in regard to violence and keeping it G-rated. I will put warnings at the beginning of chapters as of right now. I may take those warnings away because, in my opinion, warnings just give stuff away, know what I mean?

Oh yeah, and I guess I should put this warning in this book too; there will be underage drinking. If that offends you, sorry? To each his own, my friends. To each his own.

OH, and there will be curse words here and there. Sorry if that offends you also.

People get offended easily nowadays, so I'm just trying to be cautious.

Anyway, good day and happy reading!


Copyright © 2017 by Alexandra Sinclair

AKA, don't copy my shit.

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